Some help with a steam and a game update please.

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Hi all, I pretty much do the majority of my game playing on my consoles as my PC is a few years out of date now. However I did just pick up Football Manager 2014 the other day and it requires a steam account.

Not a problem I thought and it wasn't. I made an account, installed the game and everything was fine. However this morning the game updated and now it will not boot. I am getting a fatal crash report that stops the game from booting. I have posted on the forum for the game and filled a support ticket with the developer but as of yet I haven't had a response.

So what am I supposed to do now? Do I need to contact Valve? Surely it can't be 100% legal that an update can effectively rob me of my purchase price? Sorry if this is a well known issue as I said earlier I have just made my steam account.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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Try this

Right click on the game in your game library

Click on Properties

Go to the Local Files tab

Click Verify Integrity of Game Cache

If you have any corrupt files that should fix it.

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I can't say that this is a problem with your game specifically and I can't help you where it comes to Steam support, as I've never needed them. However, in another game I recently had a patch result in a similar problem. Before you determine that all is lost, right click your game in the library and go to properties and hit verify game files. In my case, I also had to reinstall and then verify.

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Thanks everyone who replied. I tried validating and it still crashed so I have now uninstalled the game, re-installed it and verified that new install however it still crashes.

Do I now have to contact steam support as I feel like I should be owed a refund or something right? I managed to play just over 30 hours of the game before the update so its clear that my PC can run it and it is the update that has stopped it working.

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Unless you are done with the game I wouldn't go chasing for a refund. It's probably just a bad patch or somthing.

Give it a few days they may well fix it.

(Also do steam even do refunds? )

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@mister_v: Oh believe me I don't want a refund I just want to play the game. Managed to fix it by setting my firewall to trust the helper.dll in the games folder. God knows why that fixed it. Guess that will teach me to hit up the forums before attempting a random fix myself. Once again though thanks.

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