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When you have been in a digital ecosystem for many years, you start to accumulate clutter and have ghost software of questionable decisions you have made in the past. Whether it was going on a mass shopping spree while drinking or just seeing how far you can stretch $20 over the course of the summer, my reality is that I have a ton of Steam games.

Over the Christmas break, we investigated my total amount spent on my Steam library and calculated a percentage showing the games that I have played for the first time. These were very sad numbers upon their discovery. So I have taken a page out of the Dota 2 “A to Z Heroes Challenge” and have applied similar rules to my Steam games. I call it the Nick Rempe’s A to Z Steam Challenge.

The rules are very simple…

1. Play all the games in my Steam library for at least 90 minutes.

2. Skip the games that have more than 90 minutes of time logged and move on to the next one in alphabetical order.

3. Write about that experience right here or have some way to document the game that I played.

I can also play games to completion if I feel the need to finish what I have started as long as I take breaks out of the normal games I will play throughout this process. Personally, 90 minutes is the sweet spot for me. It is around that time where I will notice eye strain, slight boredom and general fatigue with what I am doing. Writing on the blog is to keep me accountable, but I have also been thinking about streaming me playing the game live. Plus, I have toyed with the idea of scoring these games based on the 90 minutes played mark.

Keep an eye out on this spot for my reviews and findings. Not to mention that I will try to put this information into my podcast as much as possible. I am going to get some rest.

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