Steam ... great service ..or pure rippoff ?

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#151 Posted by StressedOutCat (270 posts) -
KindGalaxy said:
"It's only a rip off if you use it. Money talks.
I took a $9 hit on Dawn of War 2 (Australian Currency rate) and I did so because I rather have a download service than a physical CD, when my wife and I moved to the other side of the country I have slowly lost my WarCraft 3 cd-keys, my NWN2 install discs, the third Baldur's Gate 2 disc... the list goes on and on, I took the $9 price tag disadvantage for this fact. I know that should my wife and I sell up and move to another suburb/city/state/country I'll have all my Steam purchases right there.
Prices are also not designated by Valve, they're at the publisher's price point.
Regional lock outs are just a fact of any consumer environment. I could never get the Pretender series on DVD because it was never released on Region 4 DVDs, I can't find a good store anywhere that sells Hong Kong TVB shows with English subtitles yet if I go to Hong Kong itself I can. I also can not purchase GTA: Vice City on Steam due to regional lock outs, doesn't bother me, it's just the nature of things, and I know I could grab it cheaper in a store these days anyway.
The mere fact that there are people upset; the reasons for being upset; can't get it in my country, it is more expensive than in the store, there are DRM shit; and yet still attempt to purchase the product via Steam is proof of concept that Steam is a successful platform, which is a good thing. We're dealing with a new and exploding platform with which to purchase and enjoy PC games. It is however, not Steam's fault that you can't get a purchase in your country, nor is it their fault it is more expensive; really should go contact the publishers in that regard.
If you had bought the Retail Version Of Dawn of War 2 you could have used the Cd-Key to register it with Steam.. as its a Steam game anyway.. game installed Steam on your system ( and Games for Windows Live ) so basically it functions like a valve game.
I basically buy all my games retail.. its just way cheaper

Like I have mentioned before the idea of Steam is great, only the prices and release dates for outside of the US are Bullshit.

Recent Example: Mass Effect here on Steam is 45 Euros , for your Americans that's 56 to 58 Dollars US
This is something I can get for 15 Euros in the Shop ( that's 18 to 20 Dollars US )
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#152 Edited by kozzy1234 (77 posts) -

I love steam, been using it 3 years and not one problem
It pisses me off when i see people complaining about steam, when they arnt even aware that you can TURN OFF THE UPDATES, TURN IT TO OFFLINE MODE so its never online,etc....
Steam is awesome and people acting like steam is the devil need to stfu and give it a chance.

Most the people who hate steam it seems are ones who have had USER ERRORS, not problems from steam.

Its also very convieniant for people like myself who are stuck in bed or the hospital at times and cant get out to buy a game at the store. STEAM RULES!

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#153 Posted by lettuceman44 (122 posts) -

Steam has some of the best sales ever in gaming.

Its a great service for me.

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#154 Posted by SJSchmidt93 (5010 posts) -
Levio91 said:

steam sucks read this license agreement walkthrough


this shows that you dont own the games

when your buying a game you buy the license to have the right to play the game..
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#155 Edited by DJJoeJoe (1422 posts) -

Steam seems to be the best option for gamers at the moment, selection is great and the service feels mature already offering extra bonus' and weekly sales etc. It definitely doesn't hurt that it looks dead sexy as a website either :) 

Bow down to The Cloud, for it shall rule your soul!

EDIT: As for region locks and other region issues, yea they suck. They have been around forever and are nothing new to recent times or to online either, it's just amazing more apparent when you actually are online and see the things side by side. Normally you'd fly to china and buy a copy of left 4 dead, and you wouldn't expect it to work on a US computer cause of region issues (true, friend was on vacation with his family out there, bought the game there... now it says it can't find it's IP etc etc) but when you see something like region locks online it seems really stupid and it kinda is, but it's the fault of copyright laws that are a generation out fo date. Things will change, tech is moving fast and old laws don't keep up so well at the moment but they will :)
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#156 Posted by Babble (1276 posts) -
SJSchmidt93 said:
"Levio91 said:

steam sucks read this license agreement walkthrough


this shows that you dont own the games

when your buying a game you buy the license to have the right to play the game.."
Exactly even with a retail copy you don't really "own" the game. The company can revoke your right at any time.
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#157 Posted by Giantsquirrel (620 posts) -

Great service. Vote cast.

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#158 Posted by LuckyWanderDude (863 posts) -

I love Steam!

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#159 Posted by libertyordeath (23 posts) -

Steam may not be the best thing out there in certain regards but it has made PC gaming much more accessible than it otherwise would have ever been.

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#160 Posted by PercyChuggs (1141 posts) -

For me, Steam has reminded me why I hate PC gaming.

Bought the Ubi 4 pack this past weekend, and despite the games being several years old, and my laptop being more than capable of running all of them, none of the 3 games I have tried have worked. BG&E's videos run too FAST, Far Cry just freezes up at random times, and Dark Messiah of Might and Magic won't load at all.

Console games: put game in, play game

Computer games: put game in, hope it starts. If it does, see what runs poorly or out of whack, change settings, try again, tweak more settings. If it doesn't run at all, hope the game still has some kind of online support, find out where that would be, go there, see if people are having the same problem, do some of the suggestions, hope they work.

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#161 Posted by Knives (756 posts) -

Funny, I didn't have any problems.

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#162 Edited by HitmanAgent47 (8553 posts) -

I'm canadian, I have to pay more for exchange rate, however there are also sales on games from time to time. I bought assassin's creed and far cry 2 dirt cheap and I like the service because it's convient. I also like the friends list incorporated on steam, so I don't have to use x-fire that much.

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#163 Edited by Al3xand3r (7912 posts) -

Has good and bad parts. Bad for Europeans (other than the UK) like me, but the weekend deals are good. They also have other rip offs though, Drakensang is a budget priced retro RPG yet they have it full price (and the Euro rip off added on top too). I was looking forward to buying it but it has to wait. I thought it's a mistake they'd correct at first, but they haven't. Bummer.

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#164 Posted by Grillbar (2078 posts) -

both sometimes i can get a game that i want cheap and other times its more expensive then the original game

but if steam got a game you want and you want it now its actualy faster for me just to download it via steam then it is to go down to the store and find it

the only problem i got with steam is that they only accept euro's on my end and i cant change it to what ever pay format that i want
an example i bought alot of games over the internet and instead of paying in my curency iu paid in pund and since the pund £ was so low at the time i actualy saved alot of money that way more then enough the buy 3 more games for free

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#165 Posted by xplodedd (1379 posts) -

rip off for us europeans

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#166 Edited by L33tfella_H (925 posts) -

Most of the Pricing on things is judged by the Publishers of the respective games(except Valve Published ofcourse), so Steam will have no say on the final pricing, when they have sales for example, they need permission to do this and how much they can cut off the price. Also, Steam has to keep Regional VAT apparentaly due to the fact that Retail shops will just not hold down copies of the games otherwise.

Also, you have to consider that the average european makes more money than the average US/Canadian person, and in the end, the tax equals out.

I'm not saying i agree with this taxing of games (i used to buy my games with the US pricing on it, they they changed it to Euros), but like i said in the first point on the top, Steam has to conform to what the Publishers will agree with, unless the games are published by Valve themselves. So you may not like the Steam Pricing, but mostly the case is just down to the Companies that publish these games themselves, Steam is just middleman online shop where you can pick the game up.

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#167 Edited by Al3xand3r (7912 posts) -

Europe is not a single country to go all "the average european..." on us, you know. In fact, one of the more well-off countries is the UK, which now gets price benefits as opposed to other poorer european countries that use the euro.

And yes, that's what Valve wants you to believe, that it's all the other publishers' fault, heh. Why would any publisher want the game sold for 50 euro on Steam when they publish it in Europe in a budget price? Where's the sense in that?

I know Valve asked indie devs about the price conversion to euros but didn't fully explain to them what it means, they recommended to them $20=20 Euros and most went with that no questons asked, most weren't even aware of the huge difference in price until I e-mailed them about it, like Aquaria's team. They probably did the same with the bigger publishers, except recommended it more strongly to them since they likely understood the prices better than the indie devs stationed abroad.

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#168 Edited by L33tfella_H (925 posts) -

yea, i was just generalizing it a bit.

For some games, i have noticed that it literally is just $=€ at times, which is pretty mind-boggling. And i'm not saying it's completely the publisher's fault, but there are certain condition where this definently applies i think.

All in all, sometimes Steam pricing can be ridiculous, but i think Steam works for the most part. I mean, a friend recommended i buy CoD4 recently and i looked at the Steam pricing..45€..which is 60$. Now retail over's 60$ aswell. And i definently belive this is Activision's decision to not drop the pricing on it, and stay rock solid on their decision.

And i don't know about Locally games being budget priced compared to Steam over here...but then again...i live in a pretty small country in take it as you will.

At the end of the day, Most digital Distribution is still pricier than getting a retail copy at times, and i doubt the convinience of downloading something without leaving my home is worth that extra 5-20$/€/£ or whatever.

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#169 Posted by Jimbo7676 (817 posts) -

In Soviet Russia, Steam loves you!

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