Steam isn't working properly. Weird issue. Need Help

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Okay so I tried to log on to Steam last night and it gave me a message saying Steam wasnt able to connect and it gave me the option to "go offline". I thought my password was wrong, but it wasnt, as I just connected to Steam on through the browser and it works fine. The client doesn't work for some odd reason(It worked fine on Thursday). I've tried various "solutions" and ultimately uninstalled and re-installed Steam. Now I get this message. Here's the issue. I AM ONLINE!! I've reset my router and I'm even at a friends house, same message.


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wait, at your friends house he can log in just fine but when you log in you get the message? or you mean you simply took your laptop with you to your friends house?

edit: found this article regarding your problem see if it helps, but it is very likely some problem with your PC, nothing to do with networking.

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