Unable to back up games.

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In anticipation of my new PC arriving tomorrow I have spent the last week downloading and backing up a bunch of games to my hard drive so that when I get the new PC built I will already have the games at the ready. The problem I'm running into is that I can't for the life of me back up Rage. Every time I try to back it up from my SSD to the extra hard drive it gets around 1GB-2GB deep then Steam just crashes. Has anyone had this problem before with backing up their games? It happened to me constantly with the other games but I found that as long as I didn't try to touch Steam until after it was done it would go through fine. This game however just will not go. I tried hunting around online but couldn't find information on the subject anywhere.

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Just move or copy your steam/steamapps/common folder to the other drive?

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Never happened to me, and I've backed up RAGE before. I back up my games from my internal HDD to my external one.

Maybe, just maybe, the RAGE install is corrupt somehow, which hinders the back-up process? Have you tried verifying the cache first? Also, I would try a different back up destination (to your second HDD, just to see if the problem is from the HDD you're backing up to), or maybe use the CD option (around 600 MB-big folders) that would create a gazillion "Disk_" folders, maybe dividing it up like that fixes it?

Good luck.

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