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    Steambot Chronicles

    Game » consists of 3 releases. Released Jun 30, 2005

    Steambot Chronicles is a game originally released for the PS2 in Japan under the name Bumpy Trot. The game's main focus is on Trotmobiles, mechs used to do a large variety of things in the world of Steambot Chronicles.

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    Steambot Chronicles begins with a Personality test. The answers of this test determine how Vanilla, the main character of the game, behaves. The game starts with Vanilla awaking from a ship wreck on a beach, having no clue where he came from or how the shipwrecked.  Vanilla only realizes his own name cause it is engraved on his Harmonica. While waking Vanilla is startled by a girl named Coriander, who is standing above him. Coriander, who is called Connie by her friends, and Vanilla begin to talk, the player determining how you treat Connie. After conversing for awhile a vehicle appears on top of the nearby cliffs and shoots a missle trapping both Connie and Vanilla. Connie and Vanilla begin searching for a way out of the beach and eventually find a run down Trotmobile. Vanilla then uses the Trotmobile to get Connie and him out of the beach and the story advances from there.


    Steambot Chronicles gameplay revolves around Trotmobiles and Music.The player will use Trotmobiles to travel, help deliever packages, ecsort people as a taxi, and Battle other Trotmobiles. The player can customize their Trotmobile in many differnt ways from its color, its size, what weapons it uses, and what it uses to get around.  A second important componant of Steambot Chronicles is music. Early on in the game Vanilla realizes he can play the Harmonica and eventually joins a band. Playing intruments in Steambot Chronicles is handled in a minigame in which you must hit floating by notes, each instruments mini game being played in different ways. Playing a instrument is required to get through the game and can also be used as a means to get money.

    Instruments available for play in Steambot Chronicles are as follows:

    Harmonica: (Uses D-pad and two face buttons)

    Piano: (Uses two columns, one for the D-pad, one for the face buttons)

    Trumpet (Uses the left analog stick, pointing in specific directions adjusts pitch, and you match pitch)

    Guitar (Uses the right analog stick, simply flick up for all notes)

    Drum Set (Uses all four shoulder buttons)

    String Bass (Same as guitar)

    Accordion (Generally considered to be the hardest instrument in the game, you must move the analog sticks in and out to a rhythm while hitting the shoulder buttons)

    Saxophone (Uses the four shoulder buttons)

    Electric guitar (Obtained through a side quest, can only play "Rock Revolution" with Fennel)

    Violin (Uses right analog stick, you have to flick in the indicated direction)


    Nadia Gifford provides the singing voice of Connie and wrote all of the songs sung by her in the game.


    • In your voice
    • Impossible
    • I Cry
    • Just shout it Out
    • See you Later
    • Music Revolution (Not sung by Connie)

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