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Steamfont Mountains
Steamfont Mountains

Steamfont Mountains are named for the natural geysers and springs that pepper the region. These mountains are very old and it is known that dragons once resided here, as their bones are left behind to prove it. Small drakes fly throughout the region, being the only living proof of the mountains' ancient history. Not much else is known about the dragon's history here, for they were long gone before the gnomes emerged from the Underfoot. In present times, the region serves as a training ground for a myriad of gnome adventurers. The city of Ak'Anon lies to the south. Some young elves from the nearby Faydark also join the gnomes in their hunting here. An ancient druid ring still stands in the southwest corner of the range, being one of just two teleport locations for druids on Faydwer. Massive windmills near the center of the region show travellers the wonder of gnomish tinkering. In the far north, minotaurs rule a series of caves. These monsters wreak much havoc on unsuspecting young gnomes. Those brave enough to enter the caves speak of an evil gnome necromancer known as Meldrath who plots against his kin.

Neighboring Zones

Guild Halls

Guild NameClassGuildmaster
Library MechanamagicaWizardsMetallurgist Mirakzin

Commerce & Tradeskills

ShopGoods SoldCrafting SuppliesCrafting Kiosks
Druid RingDruid Spells
Ennixy FrennorPoison
Huts by Ak'AnonGeneral SuppliesTailoring, Baking, Smithing
Southeast VillageBaking, Jewelry
WindmillsFletching, Tinkering, Smithing


Notable NPCs

  • Bugglegupp
  • Cargo Clockwork
  • Crisyn
  • Ennixy Frennor
  • Forpar Fizfla
  • Gorehorn
  • Meldrath The Malignant
  • Minotaur Hero
  • Minotaur Lord
  • Renux Herkanor
  • Yendar Starpyre

Notable Items

  • Jagged Diamond Dagger
  • Minotaur Battle Axes
  • Minotaur Hero Shackles
  • Minotaur Horn
  • Ravenscale Armor
  • Shining Metallic Robes
  • Trochilic's Skean

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