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 Steel Beasts is a Main Battle Tank (MBT) simulator developed by eSim Games and published by Strategy First, Inc.  It was released in 2000 to critical acclaim, earning several "Sim of the Year" awards. 

In the original Steel Beasts, the player controls either the American M1A1 Abrams or the German Leopard 2A4.  Both vehicles are faithful reproductions of their real-life counterparts, and include sound samples recorded directly from the actual vehicles. 
The Gunner, Driver, and Tank Commander (TC) vehicle stations are each modeled in detail and allow the player to take direct control of the systems.  The Gunner and TC positions in particular are highly accurate and include detailed interior views. 
Customized versions of Steel Beasts have been used by various armies, including  Austria, Denmark, Sweden, Norway, Finland, Chile, Canada, Australia, Spain, and the United States for training purposes.


  • Steel Beasts - now also referred to as Steel Beasts Legacy
  • Steel Beasts Professional - Only available to military clients
  • Steel Beasts Pro PE (Personal Edition) - A limited functionality version available to the public.

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