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Stefan Eriksson, Swedish criminal, was involved with the handheld multi-media system, the Gizmondo. Although the Gizmondo was thought to be a contender in the handheld market, Stefan Eriksson and associates made some questionable decisions with funding. Some money was invested in mall kiosks, and the rest was used to partially purchase luxury cars, including a Mercedes-Benz SLR and multiple Ferarri Enzos and then not following up with payments. The media often called him "Tjock-Steffe", and after he became famous in the US, US media translated and used the name "Fat Steve".


On February 21st, 2006 Stefan Eriksson's Enzo was crashed in California. Eriksson himself was intoxicated and claimed that the Enzo was racing against a Mercedes-Benz SLR McLaren, but a man known only to him as "Dietrich" was driving the Ferarri. Blood was only found on the driver's side airbag and Eriksson had blood around his mouth, leading the authorities to question the existence of "Dietrich." The mysterious "Dietrich" was later revealed to be German playboy Trevor Michael Karney.

Criminal Record

His criminal career started with theft in 1981 and throughout the 90's he was the leader of the "Uppsala mafia". He was sentenced to 10 years prison in 1994, but was released 5 years later. Following the notorious 2006 car crash, he was again sentenced to prison for 3 years, and was released in 2008.

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