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    Stellar Interface is a rogue-like shmup populated by a randomly generated galaxy full with perks and consumables to discover. It's the first game released by Portuguese developers, ImaginationOverflow. It was released on Steam on November 21 of 2016, after 2 months in early access. In the 16 December of 2017, the Xbox version was released and the Nintendo Switch version is currently under development.

    The Overlord Babushka
    The Overlord Babushka

    Stellar Interface utilizes the rogue formula to provide each player a different run every time they pick up the game. The game has 8 different Overlords that the player must beat in order to unlock new modes and spacecrafts. After each level, the player needs to pick a software to boost the spacecraft stats and abilities.

    The game has more than 100 different perks, the vast majority of those have synergetic effects with each other, more than 200 different wave types which difficulty scales with the spacecraft that the player utilizes as well as the level it appears on.


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    The game has 11 different spacecrafts, you start off with only two and need to unlock the other 9 as you get past by the Overlords and Lost Lords. The spacecrafts are unlocked on the special factory levels where you need to kill a certain number of enemies in order to unlock the new spacecraft.


    The game has 8 different Overlords that you must beat:

    Space Winner Overlord
    Space Winner Overlord
    1. Bally
    2. Hober Mallow
    3. The Hive
    4. Space Winner
    5. Homunculus
    6. Babushka
    7. Gilgamesh
    8. Mirror


    The game has three different modes:

    Arcade mode level selection
    Arcade mode level selection
    • Arcade Mode - The original mode, where the player needs to run through a graph defeating each level until it reaches the Overlord.
    • Endless Mode - A survival mode where the player fights until he dies. By killing enemies and bosses the player will be rewarded with health, software, cartridges, weapons, and consumables to use during the run. This mode utilizes all formations and Overlords that the player already defeated in the arcade mode, and it's the only mode where the Overlords team together in order to defeat the player. This mode is unlocked after the player beats the first Overlord.
    • Lost Mode - Added on the Lost Update in the games 2nd anniversary, increases the enemies power and speed. Besides that, it enables new stages on all Overlords turning the difficulty up a notch. Thi mode is unlocked after the player defeats all Overlords in the Arcade Mode.


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