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    Steve Harris

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    Steve Harris is the founding Editor of the U.S. National Video Game Team's Electronic Gaming Monthly magazine.

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    Twin Galaxies

    Harris was a founding member of Twin Galaxies' U.S. National Video Game Team, and one of their star players in the 1980s.  He competed in Twin Galaxies' North American Video Game Olympics, televised on  21 February 1983 by That's Incredible, ABC-TV.

    Top Scores

    As of January 2009, Steve Harris holds the #1 ranked score on the following arcade games, verified by Twin Galaxies:

    • Bega's Battle: 120,000
    • Popeye [Nintendo / Parker Bros]: 1,232,250
    • Red Alert:  24,260
    • Swimmer:  92,430
    • Wacko:  1,608,100

    Electronic Gaming Monthly

    Steve Harris and Jeff Peters founded the U.S. National Video Game Team's Electronic Gaming Monthly in 1988 under Sendai Publications, in Lisle, Illinois and soon moving to Lombard, Illinois.  Harris sold Sendai and its stable of magazines to Ziff-Davis in 1996. Publication of EGM spanned twenty years until January 2009.

    The first published copy to hit newsstands under the USNVGTEGM moniker and Harris at the editorial helm was in February 1989, an annual titled the 1989 Buyer's Guide with a cover price of $3.95 / $4.95 Canada.  What is now considered issue #1 was first published in May 1989 and titled the 1989 Preview Guide.  The second issue was released in August 1989 without mentioning the Twin Galaxies' Team on the cover, and was 
    formally numbered as Volume 1, Number 2  when the monthly schedule officially began.  However some issues included in the monthly schedule were retitled as special issues such as Top Score!, Video Game Tricks, Codes, and Strategies

    EGM was long known for sneaking subliminal messages into editorial text, and within publication data on the editor's page. 
    In the earliest issues it noted "No commies please." after the international subscription price, and always closed with "Printed in the USA. Printed with pride!"

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