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    Steve Rocklin

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    Steve Rocklin is a homicidal Satanist drug dealer in Sierra's point-and-click VGA adventure game, Police Quest 3.

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    Steve Rocklin is the prime suspect in the attempted murder of Marie Bonds and the murders of Andrew Dent, Clifford Jones, and Samuel Britt. He is a large, red-headed, bearded, snarling man. His blood type is A-negative, and he's been known to dabble in the occult, having ties with a crack-cocaine-trafficking cult called "Sons of Darkness".

    Rocklin frequents the Old Nugget Saloon near the corner of 8th and Palm - that's the 200 block of East Palm. He was last seen driving a gold (mixed with a little bit of white) 1976 General Motors sedan that may be missing both license plates and a hood. His last known address was 500 West Peach, which burnt down under very suspicious circumstances.

    On June 23, 1985, Rocklin was convicted on two counts of burglary. He was paroled three years later, with three years of probation.

    The digitized character model for Steve Rocklin was portrayed by Sierra QA guru Mike Pickhinke.


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