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    Stevie Case

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    Stevie Case is a girl gaming pioneer, also famous for her relationship with John Romero and doing a photoshoot for Playboy Magazine.

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    Stevie Case (Stevana Case, born September 7, 1976) is a little-known, yet interesting figure in PC gaming. Most notable is her role as one of the first "well-known" female gamers. Stevie has a fairly storied career in video games from her role as the first female professional gamer at the Cyberathlete Professional League to her journey from quality assurance to level designer at Ion Storm to an eventual role as CEO of Monkeystone Games.

    As a humble gamer she gained notoriety for winning a Quake deathmatch against John Romero. That fateful meeting led Stevie to eventual employment at Ion Storm which then led to a relationship with John. Their relationship ended in early 2003. Until then, Case was the CEO of Monkeystone Games, a wireless game development company she co-founded with Romero.

    She was approached by Playboy to appear in a layout. She did the shoot in early 2000. The images can be found on the internet, but never made it to the magazine. 
    On March 21st 2010, Stevie Case debuted her weekly podcast entitled   "Stevie FTW Podcast". Her Co-host is Dan Taylor and in addition to video games, they discuss food, gadgets, digital media and web culture. The show occasionally features guests from the gaming world, most notably, Cliff Bleszinski who was featured on the very first episode


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