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    Stickybomb Launcher

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    Default secondary weapon for the Demoman in Team Fortress 2.

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    The Stickybomb Launcher (aka Pipe Bomb Launcher or Sticky Grenade Launcher) is more tactical than the Grenade Launcher, but operates in a similar fashion. Fire the sticky bombs with primary fire and detonate with secondary fire. Only 8 sticky bombs can be placed at a given time, so placing another one will cause the oldest one to detonate, causing standard explosion damage. If you hold down the fire button you will charge up your shot before release, giving it more velocity.

    It can be used as an anti-personnel weapon in a direct firefight by firing and immediately detonating the sticky bombs, or by placing the sticky bomb where your target will be in the next few seconds. Chances are he won’t react quickly enough, and you can detonate the bombs right as he walks over them. Both methods are generally used while backpedalling and dodging fire.

    The Stickybomb Launcher also has great tactical uses. First, the sight of sticky bombs in a doorway or narrow path, complimented by the Demoman making his presence known, serves as a very effective deterrent to enemies who know that if they walk through the field of bombs, they will most likely explode. As such, visibly covering choke points with sticky bombs, or "plugging" them, can cause enemies to reconsider their path, and if not prevent attacks altogether, at least slow them down. Just be careful not to get picked off before pressing alt-fire because all of your sticky bombs disappear the second you die. If you are still alive when they do eventually walk through (or if the enemy team simply doesn't care about the threat), it tends to be at least one free kill.

    The other tactic is taking the sneaky approach by placing your stickies in hard-to-see locations and watch them from a distance; tucked into a corner right past a door or hallway is usually a standard spot. Simply wait until an enemy walks past them for a nice bloody mess.

    Another great use for sticky bombs is for destruction, or the killing of Engineer buildings, especially sentry guns. Soldiers and Demomen are usually tasked with destroying these dangerous pieces of equipment, and the Stickybomb Launcher is the perfect tool for the job. The Demoman can pop out from cover, fire a sticky bomb at the sentry gun’s base, and quickly return to cover before the sentry can start firing. Rinse and repeat until about 3 sticky bombs are near the sentry gun, then detonate them. The upshot of this is, unlike the steady flow of rockets a soldier uses to do this, the Engineer has no time to repair his buildings – they are destroyed instantly, usually along with the Engineer. The fun really begins when the Demoman is Übercharged as he can stroll through enemy territory placing sticky bombs near every building he sees. Again, don't wait too long to blow the bombs up as you might get killed the instant the Übercharge wears off.

    Advantages: Nice clip size, can stick to most surfaces making it effective for ambushing, ability to charge shot for good range coverage, detonate ability can ensure damage, especially effective against stationary targets (Engineer buildings), gives Demoman the ability to sticky bomb jump, wall of stickies in a choke point serves as a major deterrent for enemy movement.

    Disadvantages: Weak for short range face-offs where damage can take too long to be dealt, painfully slow reload, planted sticky bombs can be displaced by bullets and explosions, direct hits on enemies are useless.


    Clip Size8
    Ammo Capacity24
    Bullets Per Shot1 sticky bomb
    Splash Damage103-138 Directly under enemy
    60-124 Close splash
    47-90 Far splash
    Mini-Crit Damage162 All distances
    Critical Hit Damage353 Directly under enemy
    261 Close splash
    180 Far splash
    Rate of FireMedium
    Projectile TypeProjectile/Remote Detonation
    Reload TypeOne at a time


    • Sticky bombs detonated less than five seconds after being placed so slightly more damage.
    • Sticky bombs do not stick to players, Engineer buildings, or dynamic map elements (cart, spawn doors, etc.).
    • The Demoman does more self-damage with his bombs than the Soldier does with his rockets, take care when sticky-jumping not to use too many stickys.
    • Sticky bombs can be harmlessly destroyed by enemies using hitscan weapons and will be pushed away from the force of enemy explosions or Pyro airblasts. The can also be destroyed by melee attacks.
    • This weapon is available in Strange and Festive variants from Mann Co. Supply Crates #19 and #35, respectively.

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