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    Stiletto Anyway

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    One of the seven playable protagonists of the RPG "Anachronox." She is a former detective turned stripper and assassin.

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    Background and Appearance

    Age: 25

    Weight: 120

    Height: 5'7"

    Eyes: Brown

    Hair: Dark brown (now dyed purple)

    Ethnic background: Chinese-Brazilian


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    Stiletto "Sera" Anyway was both an employee and love interest of the main protagonist detective, detective Sylvester "Sly Boots" Bucelli. While trying to crack a case, Stiletto managed to get captured by Sly's arch-nemesis and crime overlord, Detta. Upon learning this, Sly immediately pursues Detta, engaging in an intense car chase which ultimately leads to the death of the detective's secretary, Fatima Doohan. Fatima, who was in love with Sly and resurrected into his life cursor, holds Stiletto personally responsible for her death.

    Stiletto makes her first in-game appearance working as a stripper at the "Cold Sweat Sex Machine" located in the Red Light District on Sender Station. She casually brushes Sly off at first, but then follows him back to the Commons Area, where she then joins the party.

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    If taken along on the first journey to Limbus, Stiletto will wind up on an area of the planet Democratus called "Doren" where she assists soldiers in their battle against the Waugees.

    When arriving at Detta's fortress near the end of the game, Stiletto mentions that she has a personal score to settle and that no one is to kill the crime boss but her. After two rounds of battling Detta, she manages to do just that, using her trademark throwing knives.


    In battle, Stiletto typically uses a selection of blade weapons with varying ranges of attack. Her special skills are 1) Charm, which confuses an enemy into attacking it's allies, 2) Pain Pirouette, which causes 4x damage to an enemy, 3) BladeFan, which does 2x damage to all enemies, and 4) Stealth, which increases her evasiveness.

    Outside of battle, Stiletto's WorldSkill is "ThrowLoonie." Using this skill at an appropriate spot initiates a minigame where the player must correctly line up four rings to form an accurate target.


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