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    Still Life 2

    Game » consists of 1 releases. Released Aug 11, 2009

    The sequel to the critically acclaimed Still Life, Still Life 2 picks up the story of Victoria McPherson 3 years later, investigating a new series of murders in Maine.

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    This guy is not your friend
    This guy is not your friend
    It's 2008 and Victoria McPherson is once again investigating a case of a serial murders. A serial killer, dubbed by the press as the East Coast Killer, toys with the police by sending in videos of his victims being tortured in various ways to the press and the police. The victims are all eventually found on the East Coast of the United States, and have been meticulously cleaned of any evidence that might help in catching the killer. Paloma Hernandez, a reporter covering the crimes has been highly critical of the FBI's lack of leads, phones Victoria to ask an interview and discuss the case, claiming to have unearthed some clues on her own. After Vic refuses to set up a meet, Paloma hears a knock on the door, opens it up and is confronted by the gas masked killer and taken as his next victim.


    The game is set in two time periods 3 years apart. In 2008 you play as Victoria McPherson and Paloma Hernandez. Vic is trying her best to solve the East Coast killer case, which proves to be very difficult because of how thorough the killer is. Paloma does her best to avoid the killer’s traps and various methods of torture, while also trying to get hold of the outside world. In the short flashbacks set in 2005, the game continues the story of the first Still Life game. Vic is obsessing over the Chicago serial killer case, which has been closed by the FBI as the Killer, Mr. X, has been presumed dead after being shot by Vic and fallen into ice cold water. But as no body was found, Vic is sure it’s not over and is determined to solve the puzzle and find out the identity of the masked man under the top hat.


    Vic still wears miniskirts
    Vic still wears miniskirts
    Victoria McPherson

    Special Agent Victoria McPherson has been on the East Coast Killer case for several months now. Once again Vic is against a case that has everyone stumped as the killer has made no mistakes so far and the police have no leads. The victims, all young girls tortured and played with by the killer, have been cleaned of all evidence before being dumped to the large New England area. Vic has a new team at the FBI who she can now count on, and Claire is still just one phone call away.

    Paloma is on the phone
    Paloma is on the phone
    Paloma Hernandez

    Journalist Paloma Hernandez was born into a modest family of Mexican immigrant, but didn’t let that stand in her way of creating a successful career in a major news channel. Paloma is aspiring, sharp and spirited, and is currently one of the ten most prominent journalists in the country.

    East Coast Killer

    Little is known about the East Coast Killer. His outfit is very ordinary except for the striking gas mask. His MO is to torture his victims with various methods, record the ordeal and send it to the press and the police. He cleans his victims methodically, leaving no trace of evidence that could lead to him, before dumping the bodies in the New England area.

    Computer Requirements

    • OS: Windows XP or Vista
    • CPU: 1,5 GHz Intel Pentium 4
    • RAM: 512MB
    • Video: DirectX 9 compatible video card with 128MB of memory
    • 16x CD-ROM drive
    • DirectX 9 compatible sound card, mouse and keyboard
    • 4GB of hard drive space for the installation

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