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    Stiltzkin is a traveling Moogle first introduced in Final Fantasy IX and has made several appearances in other installments since.

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    Final Fantasy IX

    Stiltzkin is a moogle character, who notably appears in the game Final Fantasy IX. He is frequently seen by the party in FFIX as they make their way through the world of Gaia. He sells item "packages", groups of 3 items that are priced in ever-increasing increments (such as 333 gil, or 5555 gil). It is made apparent throughout the game that Stiltzkin is a very popular moogle, almost a celebrity amongst the moogle society.

    Items for sale:
    Soft, Hi-Potion, & Ether (333 gil; Lindblum)
    Hi-Potion, Ether, & Phoenix Pinion (444 gil; Cleyra)
    Ether, Remedy, & Phoenix Pinion (555 gil; Fossil Roo)
    Magic Tag, Ether, & Tent (666 gil; Conde Petie Mountain Path)
    Phoenix Pinion, Hi-Potion, & Elixir (777 gil; Alexandria)
    Hi-Potion, Emerald, & Elixir (888 gil; Oeilvert Interior)
    Diamond, Ether, & Elixir (2222 gil;  Bran Bal)
    Moonstone, Ruby, & Elixir (5555 gil; Alexandria)

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