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    A sprawling gang-ruled metropolis which serves as the main setting of the first two Saints Row games.

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    Stilwater is a fictional city and setting of Saints Row and its sequel, Saints Row 2. It has also briefly appeared in Saints Row: The Third and Saints Row IV.


    Stilwater was founded in the early 1800s as soon became a notable city on the rise. At some point during Stilwater's growing history, an earthquake destroyed much of the old town and its remains were built on overtime.

    It wasn't until the 1970s when gang violence became an issue with the arrival of Los Carnales. In order to protect people from the spread of Los Carnales, Benjamin King and Julius Little form the Vice Kings. Sometime later, the power of running a gang gets to King's head and it forces Julius to leave the gang and form his own gang called the Third Street Saints in a failed attempt to reclaim Stilwater from the gang subculture and defend people from violence.


    Stilwater is presented as a midwestern city in the Rust Belt region situated on two islands. The city is located on one of the Great Lakes within Michigan. The northern island consists of high-rise complexes, luxury office spaces and the suburbs, whereas the southern island is predominantly industrial-heavy, with many run-down buildings and lower-class housing.


    Phillips Building

    The Phillips Building is the tallest tower featured in Saints Row 2. The skyscraper stands at 71-floors high, and it acts as the official headquarters for Ultor throughout the game.


    • A proposed original name for Stilwater was Stevenson, as suggested by pre-release screenshots of police vehicles.

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