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    Stocke is the protagonist of the Atlus RPG Radiant Historia. He works as a spy for the nation of Alistel.

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    Stocke works as a Special Intelligence agent for the nation of Alistel. Despite being only 19 years old, Stock is considered to be one of the best members of the agency. As a result, he is often given important and dangerous assignments. Stocke tends to have a quiet and reserved personality, but in truth he is concerned for those around him.

    At the beginning of Radiant Historia, Stocke is given two subordinates, Raynie and Marco, and receives a mission to rescue an agent behind enemy lines. Although he is successful in finding the agent, his team is ambushed. The agent is killed, and Stocke is seriously hurt. However, Stocke finds himself in Historia, a land that exists between points in time. Using Historia as a relay point, Stocke is able to jump between different periods in time in order to fix the broken timeline and create a proper history for the continent.

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