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    Game » consists of 3 releases. Released Nov 08, 1995

    You are the sole survivor of a historic massacre. Now, years later, you return to the ruins of Stonekeep to vanquish the evil once more and free the trapped souls of those lost within its depths.

    zeus_gb's Stonekeep (PC) review

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    A great dungeon crawler

    It's a miracle this game ever got released because it had been delayed so many times, but I for one are glad Interplay finally released it.

    Good points:

    Decent enough graphics including full motion video.
    Great voice acting.
    Very atmospheric music.
    Control system is easy to use.
    Party management is easy.
    Unusual magic system.
    Box art and novel.

    Bad Points:


    The graphics in the game were supposed to be top notch but because of the many delays they were never quite as good as the competition.  Having said that they were still decent enough for a dungeon crawler. 
    All the NPC's and monsters in the game are fully rendered in full motion video which was quite amazing for the time.

    In most games of the era the voice acting is terrible but in Stonekeep it's actually impressive. The NPCs don't  sound dull or uninteresting they sound alive and like they somehow belong in the world.  I would probably say it's some of the best voice over work i've heard in my 20 years of playing computer games.

    The control system is so simple to use it's only the WASD keys for player movement, with the mouse for aiming and using weapons/magic.  With such a simple control system it really opens up the game to everybody even novices.

    Party management is just as simple as the control system.  Just click an item and drop it on the scroll to carry it, pick up an item use the mirror to equip it.  So so so simple even a complete novice (which I was at the time I first played it) can get to grips with it in seconds.

    I've seen  a lot of magic systems in my time but the one in Stonekeep is one i've not seen before.  The magic system is based on runes that you find on scrolls throughout the game.  To use the magic you write the rune on a rune staff, select the rune to use it and then use which ever mouse button corresponds to the hand it's in.  You can also find power runes that you can use in conjunction with the standard runes.  Power runes give spells more power, potency, longer lasting effects etc.

    I've never ever read a review that had something about the box art in it but I just had to mention it.  The game comes in a huge black box with a huge hollowgram sticker on the front of a skeleton and It looks awesome.
    When you open he box you notice a small novel co-written by the legendary Steve Jackson himself (Fighting Fantasy Role playing books and Games Workshop fame).  The book gives you a little bit of basic back story to Stonekeep which I must say it a nice bonus.

    However Stonekeep did have it's problems and one was bugs, it had quite a few. Sometimes certain things in the game that were scripted wouldn't happen or the game would crash.  Once I even lost my save games due to the save corruption crash bug.

    Overall Stonekeep is a great dungeon crawler with bags of character and great voice acting.  There's no denying the game has problems but if you can see past them you'll find a game worth playing.

    *Does the Faerie players dance* Wahooka Wahooka Wahooka! LOL

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