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A choose your own adventure action game works pretty well.

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For a game I just bought on PSN a while ago because it was on sale it managed to easily blow past my expectations. The story itself is a pretty big reason why so let me give you a quick introduction. Our protagonist fox named Reynardo used to be quite the master thief. Until one day he decided to settle down yet that could not last as the king of the land went crazy. Town after town was razed till they reached his yet instead of running away he had to save a kid with a book. In the end he obtains the book and it has a very special power of showing him possible destinies.

After reaching the end of one story it can unlock a truth that'll eventually unlock the true end path.
After reaching the end of one story it can unlock a truth that'll eventually unlock the true end path.

Each of those 24 destinies lead to a different conclusion. In Between levels of combat the game gives the player a choice between a few different options. Making the game play out like a choose your own adventure book. Which is a pretty big reason to replay the game multiple times. Also it isn’t a huge time commitment since one playthrough takes about 2 hours or less. Each pathway is just different enough that I didn’t mind to play through the game five times before writing this review. But when your not watching a story play out you do get to play a top down action game too.

Once I had access to freezing multiple enemies it made most encounters pretty easy.
Once I had access to freezing multiple enemies it made most encounters pretty easy.

Combat takes place from a top down viewpoint similar to Bastion. I bring Bastion up since this game also has a narrator that talks over everything. He doesn’t quite gel so well with random internet jokes but for the most part it works. As for the combat it is rather basic with just one attack button. Although it does expand out a bit with access to new tools as the game goes along. A hook shot lets Reynardo bring foes closer while dashing lets him get away from them. Countering by timing attacks at the same time as the enemies is key to winning as well. Add in a bit of elemental swords and you’ve got a solid little combat system that is a bit repetitive the more you play. Sure the developer adds in different enemy types but once they stop appearing it is pretty easy to deal with every fight in a similar manner.

Overall this is a solid little game that managed to do what it wanted to do. All of the story bits add plenty of lighthearted moments that makes it fun to see what happens next. Combat and level design are a bit basic but they go by so fast it isn’t much of a issue. Add on a nice cartoony style and a solid little game comes out the other side. If you don’t mind that it can be rather repetitive then I think it is certainly a game worth playing.

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