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    A genius AI programmer and researcher who had one-sided romantic feelings for the Boss, and harbours an intense hatred of Big Boss, the man who was forced to kill her.

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    Some time after World War II, the English woman code-named "Strangelove" (after the movie "Dr. Strangelove", and because her being a lesbian was, at the time, considered "strange love") had a chat with the woman code-named " the Boss". As the supposed "mother of the Special Forces" and a legendary hero of the war, the Boss was chosen to be America's first astronaut into space, as the U.S. was trying to beat the Soviets to the first manned spaceflight after the launch of Sputnik. Unfortunately, the spacecraft burned up upon re-entry into Earth's atmosphere, and Strangelove cried out for the Boss as she tried to rescue her from the spacecraft by herself before a team finally retrieved them both from the wreckage.

    While the Boss was recovering in a hospital, Strangelove never left her side, feeling some sort of love for her as she continued her talk, trying to understand the woman.

    Peace Walker

    When Hot Coldman brought Strangelove to Costa Rica to work on the Peace Walker project, Strangelove requested every scrap of information that the CIA had on the Boss. Coldman wanted Strangelove to craft an AI for the Peace Walker that would make a logical decision, free from any prejudice or predisposition, about where to launch a retaliatory strike if the Soviets ever decided to launch a nuclear missile. Strangelove determined that the Boss was the one person she could trust to make such a decision if the worst happened, so she decided to craft an AI as close to the Boss's method of thinking as she could manage, considering the Boss herself was dead, having forced her protege, Naked Snake (thereafter known as "Big Boss") to kill her at the end of Operation Snake Eater.

    When Big Boss, who was still going by the nickname 'Snake' due to his discomfort with his role in the Boss' death, showed up at her lab, Strangelove demanded answers from him, especially the question of why he killed the Boss, or for that matter, why the Boss would let him kill her. The simulations she ran with the AI did not give her a good answer. When Snake couldn't give her the answer she wanted, she trapped him in an AI pod. Snake managed to escape the pod and chased Strangelove to a mine pit, but he was captured again by Coldman's Peace Sentinel forces. While in the facility, Snake was tortured by Strangelove as she continued to demand answers from him, and was then thrown into a cell. Eventually, Snake broke out of jail, but Strangelove interpreted Snake's lack of a response as an answer in itself.

    Strangelove's Mother Base Profile
    Strangelove's Mother Base Profile

    Having completed Peace Walker's A.I., Strangelove and Coldman fed fake data to Peace Walker to make it launch a nuke at Militaries Sans Frontiers' Mother Base, but then the KGB agent Zadornov played his hand and forced Strangelove to re-target the nuclear missile at Cuba, hoping to blame it on the U.S. and spread Communism throughout South America. Strangelove reluctantly allied herself with Snake and the MSF, when Coldman re-programmed Peace Walker to both nuke Cuba and feed fake data to NORAD to test his own theory of nuclear deterrence, and after Peace Walker's destruction, she joined Huey and the MSF at Mother Base to work on the A.I. for Metal Gear ZEKE. Except that this AI would not be based on the Boss like last time.

    Strangelove planted tapes titled "Strangelove's Memories" inside the A.I.'s mainframe of Pupa, Chrysalis and Cocoon. These tapes contain information about Strangelove's work with the Boss and the Lady Mercury project.

    The Phantom Pain

    Though never actually seen in the game, Miller mentions that Strangelove disappeared at some point between Peace Walker and the appearance of Venom Snake while working on a project with a lot of materials involved.

    Strangelove had a son with Huey that they decided to name Hal, after the iconic robot from Huey's favorite sci-fi movie 2001: A Space Odyssey. While building a new Metal Gear, Huey designed it for a human pilot, but used Hal to run the initial tests. When Strangelove objected and threatened to leave with Hal, she was locked inside an AI pod.

    After discovering an AI pod in Huey's old lab, Miller discovers the horrifying truth that Huey locked her inside the pod until she suffocated to death, leaving nothing but a corpse and her last words on a cassette tape.

    Voice Actor

    In the English version, Dr. Strangelove is voiced by Vanessa Marshall who also voiced Olga Gurlukovich in Metal Gear Solid 2 and EVA in Portable Ops. In the Japanese version she was voiced by Kikuchi Yumi, who also voiced Raging Raven in Metal Gear Solid 4.


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