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    An alternate Earth in which most of the Ace Combat games take place in.

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    Strangereal is an alternate Earth which serves as the setting for almost every title in the Ace Combat series, including Ace Combat 2 through Ace Combat 6 as well as Ace Combat X and Ace Combat Zero. Its geography is roughly similar to that of Earth, featuring Antarctica, and an Atlantic and Pacific Ocean. Nations on Strangereal have similar political systems to Earth's countries and many of the wars on Strangereal are similar to those on Earth's.


    Strangereal developed in a similar way to Earth, going through a dark age, industrial age, etc.

    Ulysses 1994XF04 Asteroid

    The major point of divergence from Earth, the Ulysses asteroid was discovered in 1994. It was large asteroid that was on course to hit Strangereal. This asteroid will be the catalyst for many of the wars across Strangereal.

    The Belkan War 1995

    Belka's Invasion
    Belka's Invasion

    After years of building military might, the nation of Belka suddenly invades its neighbors including the Republic of Ustio. With their air force virtually wiped out and their capital taken, Ustio turns to mercenaries to retake their country. One of these mercenaries was the legendary "Demon Lord of the Round Table". In the waning days of the war, Belka, unwilling to be defeated, set off seven nuclear bombs on their own cities. This incident became known as "The Seven Pillars of Belka". After the war, Osea and Yuktobania, allies during the Belkan War, plunge into a Cold War with each other. Portrayed in Ace Combat Zero. Referenced in Ace Combat 5.


    Stonehenge Turret Network
    Stonehenge Turret Network

    Projects are underway by various nations to protect Strangereal from the Ulysses Asteroid. On the Usean continent, the Stonehenge Turret Network (STN) was created as a joint venture between nations on the Usean continent. The country of Erusea, also on the Usean continent, secretly builds their Megalith defense system. Meanwhile on the Anean Continent, the Federal Republic of Estovakia commences building the Chandelier, the largest railgun in history.

    The Usean Rebellion ~1998

    Rebels in Usea rise and take over key Usean cities and bases. Portrayed in Ace Combat 2.

    Asteroid Impact 1999

    The Ulysses Asteroid reaches the roche limit and disintegrates, raining meteors towards the planet. Stonehenge, the only project completed, targets the larger fragments but cannot shoot all of them down. A majority of the meteors land on the Usean continent while some also land on the Anean continent. An estimated 500,000 people die on the Usean continent alone. Fragments from the asteroid continue to rain on Strangereal for several years.

    Usean Continental War 2004-2005

    Erusea invades the Independent State Allied Forces (ISAF). Erusea immediately takes over the STN and uses it as a weapon against the ISAF. Eursea also completes its Megalith project and uses it as weapon as well. The ISAF is nearly driven off the continent before the entrance of Mobius One. Portrayed in Ace Combat 4.

    Operation Katina 2006

    After surrender of Erusea, an extremist Erusean military group takes over several cities. The ISAF dispatches Mobius One to quell this rebellion. Portrayed in Ace Combat 5, arcade mode.

    Circum-Pacific War 2010

    Yuktobania, a nation that participated in the Belkan War, suddenly attacks former ally Osea. Both sides believe that the other attacked first. Behind the scenes a mysterious group of Belkans are the real perpetrators. Portrayed in Ace Combat 5.

    Anean Continental War 2015-2016

    The Anean Continent
    The Anean Continent

    Following the Ulysses Impact in 1999, the Republic of Emmeria was luckily spared from the severe impacts and recovers quickly. Its neighbor, Estovakia, took the brunt of the meteor fragments and its economy never recovers. In an attempt to recover their former glory, Estovakia invades Emmeria in 2015. The surprise attack is nearly successful but the Emmerians regroup on Khesed Island and thanks to Garuda 1, they are able to retake their country. Portrayed in Ace Combat 6.

    Leasath Civil War 2019

    Leasath and Aurelia
    Leasath and Aurelia

    Located on the southern end of the Osean Continent, the Democratic Republic of Leasath suddenly goes broke after years of over expenditure on military projects. The economy collapses and Leasath goes through a civil war with Diego Navarro and his arms company becoming victorious.

    Leasath-Aurelia War 2020

    Leasath invades its southern neighbor, the Federal Republic of Aurelia, on the pretense that the Aurelians perpetrated the Leasath Civil War. Aurelia was conquered in the span of 10 days and reduced to just a simple airbase before their counter offensive. Portrayed in Ace Combat X and Ace Combat Xi.

    Corporate Takeover: late 2020

    Governments in many countries fall into disarray and are taken over by corporations such as General Resource LTD. and Neucom Inc.

    General Resource Conflict ~2032

    General Resoource LTD attacks the United Air Defense in order to claim the UAD's technology. Portrayed in Ace Combat Advance.

    Corporate War of 2045

    Tensions between Neucom and General Resource mount. Despite the Universal Peace Enforcement Organization (UPEO)'s attempts to reach a solution diplomatically, war erupts. UPEO is forced to take on both companies to end the war. Portrayed in Ace Combat 3.

    Ace Combat titles not in Strangereal

    • Ace Combat: Joint Assault, despite its X2 title in the Japanese version, is not a continuation of Ace Combat X. Rather it is the first Ace Combat game to take place in the real world.
    • Ace Combat: Assault Horizon is the first console-based Ace Combat game to follow up on this trend as it trailed on the successes of the popular Modern Warfare series of games.
    • The original Air Combat (known as Ace Combat in Japan, and released as Air Combat in the West) takes place on an entirely different world.
    • The free to play game Ace Combat Infinity tries to combine the Strangereal setting with the real world, making the discovery of the Ulysses asteroid in 1994 the point at which a new time line is created. Up until the catastrophic impact in 1999 the nations are all as in the real world, but after the devastation refugees form new countries.

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