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    Strategy X

    Game » consists of 0 releases. Released December 1981

    Take control of a futuristic tank and blast your way towards the enemy base in this arcade game by Konami.

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    Strategy X is a top-down vertical-scrolling shooting game developed and released by Konami for arcades in Japan in late 1981, with a North American release by Stern sometime after.

    In Strategy X, players control a futuristic tank as they make their way upward to the enemy base to destroy the "Emmortalian". Along the way, they must destroy enemy turrets, refuel at depots (taking care not to blow them up), and maneuver around "slip zones".

    The game utilized a button-topped joystick for moving the tank laterally and firing from the turret, with two additional buttons for rotating the turret.

    Konami later released an Atari 2600 adaptation in 1983. Unlike the original, this one's an auto-scrolling shooter with a more old-fashioned tank.

    The arcade version of the game was later digitally released as part of Microsoft's Game Room hub on the Xbox 360 and PC.


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