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    Stratholme was once a beautiful human city, before its inhabitants were brutally slain by Arthas. Now the city is populated by a vast amount of undead citizens.

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    Stratholme is a city in the Warcraft universe of Azeroth.  The city was the founding place of The Order of the Silver Hand, an order of Paladins founded by Uther the Lightbringer and Archbishop Alonsus Faol. 

    Warcraft III

    Prince Arthas followed Mal'Ganis to Stratholme.  The population of Stratholme had fallen to the plague which would soon turn them into Undead subjects of Mal'Ganis.  Arthas decided to slaughter the entire population to stop this, against the pleas of Uther the Lightbringer.  This was one of Arthas'  first evil acts that led to him becoming the Lich King.

    World of Warcraft

    In World of Warcraft, Stratholme is a level 60 instance in the classic game.  The instance occurs after the events of Arthas and Mal'Ganis' encounter.  The players go into the town to slay the undead and other bosses.

    The Culling of Stratholme

    In World of Warcraft: Wrath of the Lich King, Stratholme is again revisited via the Caverns of Time as a level 80 instance. The 5-man instance is called The Culling of Stratholme which involves the players clearing out the scourge and Mal'Ganis in Stratholme alongside Arthas in a re-enactment of the events in Warcraft III.


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