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    Street Fighter 30th Anniversary Collection

    Game » consists of 4 releases. Released May 29, 2018

    In celebration of the 30th anniversary of the Street Fighter series, Capcom released a fighting game compilation of the series' 12 main arcade games from the '80s and '90s.

    USFIV preorder bonus

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    Capcom just announced Ultra Street Fighter IV as a preorder bonus for getting this collection and I gotta say, this whole package with that included is a pretty great deal for $40, right?

    I recently got into SF AE since only playing a little of IV and some 3rd Strike on xbox 360 but now that i'm trying to properly learn the ropes i'm way more into them.

    So I was wondering, of all the games in the collection, if I were to try to get decent at one of them which would you guys recommend? Are there some cases where learning a character carries over to a following game?

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    To answer you, yep, it is a pretty good deal but there are still some questions about the quality of the port (apparently being addressed - the games were running too fast) and Ultra SF4 sweetens it even if most people will probably have a copy of that somewhere or be a little burned out on it. I'll probably consider preordering for Steam though.

    Looking for advice on which game to learn? Whichever you find the most fun really, I'd be more capable of picking a game if these were ports of the console or portable versions which have additional characters and modes but as they are based on the Arcade versions with some additions (like Training mode - not confirmed for all games yet). Ultra Street Fighter 4 is probably the best pick due to the roster being massive and many of the cast being in other games with a lot of similarities.

    SFV (and AE) decided to reinvent a number of things including controls for certain moves (fortunately patched for some) but you'll be spending a lot of time learning no matter which way you take it. Learning in the trials for USF4 and SFV:AE is a probably a good call to develop some good habits and develop execution but I doubt any of the games in the collection will have it so you might prefer the Xbox 360 Third Strike if you haven't thrown away your Xbox.

    Also, the Switch also has an exclusive mode to make up for the lack of Ultra Street Fighter IV, but yeah, in comparison to a whole game. >_>

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