Evil Ryu? Akuma?...wait.what just happened?

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OK so I was just playing the PS1 version of this. I was using Ryu and had my Super gauge filled up to 3. I think I hit a quarter circle or dragonpunch directions and PPP (I had it set to L1) or maybe KKK (L2) and Ryu either did Akuma/Evil Ryu's teleport or Super. He slid across the screen but was too far to reach the enemy so I don't know/remember which it was. 

Now for starters I had no idea that Evil Ryu could be selected in Alpha 2 and I've been reading that he isn't even selectable in the PSX version. Ryu also had all of is regular moves and supers, since I had been playing a few matches as him.

Has anyone heard of this happening? Could this have been a glitch? I'm very confused. I coulnd't get it to happen again and can't find any info about this. 

****Nevermind. I feel dumb. I had no idea alpha 2 had custom combos like 3 does.. Thats all it was.*****

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