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Street Fighter II Movie (not to be confused with Street Fighter: The Movie) is an animated FMV adventure game developed and published by Capcom exclusively in Japan on December 15, 1995 for the Sony PlayStation. It was later ported to the Sega Saturn on March 15, 1996 (also released exclusively in Japan).

Based on the 1994 animated film Street Fighter II: The Animated Movie (itself an adaptation of the Street Fighter II series), players control a Shadaloo cyborg sent to analyze the fighting techniques of martial artists around the world. While players have no direct control over the action (which is mostly lifted straight from the film), they instead use a crosshair to "analyze" parts of the action.

As they gather more data, they improve numerous stats of the cyborg (special ability strength, defensive strength, movement speed, throw strength, punch strength, and kick strength), which is used for the final battle against Ryu. Unlike the rest of the game, this mini-game is a fighting game using the same game engine as Super Street Fighter II Turbo. Completing the game unlocks this mini-game as a separate mode (with Player 1 as a human-controlled cyborg and Player 2 as either a holographic CPU Ryu or another human-controlled cyborg).

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