Love hate relationship with Street Fighter

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I have played HD Remix I suck at it online is no fun, and you can only play the single player so much before it becomes mind numbing, I did enjoy Street Fighter 4 quite a lot. The thing is I really want to like Street Fighter I really like Mortal Kombat and fighting games are really appealing to me. Is it worth my time picking up Third Strike, is it easier to get into then third strike, are the people any less savage. I mean I have had HD Remix for like a year and never won a game online.

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3rd Strike is known for having unorthodox mechanics such as parrying and super cancel emphasis and having less focus on an A + B = C matchup approach. Fans who really like the traditional approach in such games like Super Turbo (HD Remix too), Alpha, and IV might feel a bit uncomfortable with how SFIII feels. It might seem very hard at first but after experience in understanding the ins and outs, it gets easier and more fun. I recommend watching tutorial and match videos of how situations in 3S are (I will help you get off your feet)

I am a bit perplexed that you haven't won an HD Remix match. I think either you are mashing and being uncontrollable or are being outplayed to a pulp by serious ST or HDR players.

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