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    Street Fighter III: Double Impact

    Game » consists of 1 releases. Released Jun 19, 2000

    Released on the Dreamcast, Street Fighter III: Double Impact is a compilation of the first two Street Fighter III games.

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    Street Fighter III: Double Impact is a compilation of the first two Street Fighter III games that was released in 1997 in the arcades; the first game being Street Fighter III: New Generation, and Street Fighter III 2nd Impact: Giant Attack. The compilation was released in 2000 for the Dreamcast.


    The game takes place four years after the events of Street Fighter II. With the defeat of M. Bison and the Shadowloo organization, a new threat rises to power. A religious cult known as the Illuminati who are bent on restoring balance to the world by using terrorist tactics such as: kidnapping, DNA manipulation, and brainwashing. The leader of the Illuminati and the boss of Street Fighter III is a self-proclaimed god named Gill. With a strong belief that the world is going to end, Gill organizes the third World Warrior tournament in hopes of finding the strongest fighters to repopulating the world after it ends.

    Street Fighter III: New Generation

    The first Street Fighter III was released in 1997 in the arcades. The game features nine brand new characters with two returning characters from the previous games - Ryu and Ken.

    Street Fighter III 2nd Impact: Giant Attack

    Released just months after New Generation, 2nd Impact: Giant Attack adds more characters and stages and new gameplay features to the game.

    Another returning character from Street Fighter II, Akuma, joins the cast; along with two new characters to the series, Gill's younger brother, Urien, and Hugo. Yang, who was just a pallet swap of Yun, is now giving his own exclusive moves.

    Characters who shared music themes and stages in the first game, like Ken sharing a stage with Ryu, where now given thier own stage and theme.

    Existing characters' moves and combo variations have been altered in 2nd Impact. For example, Yun can now combo weak punch, weak kick, and medium punch; which is something he couldn't do in New Generation.

    2nd Impact also gives the bonus stage its own mode to be played at any giving time.


    New Generation.
    New Generation.

    Like many other Capcom fighting games, Street Fighter III uses six buttons; which are three versions of punch and kick - weak, medium, and fierce. Street Fighter III introduces new gameplay features, some of them coming from other Capcom fighting games.

    The most noticeable feature of the game is the parry mechanic. It's a gameplay feature that allows the player to parry any attack by pressing forward (High attacks) or down (Low attacks) on the joystick, or D-pad. The parry is use to avoid chip damage which is something that the player suffers when the player decides to block an attack. The air block that was in the Street Fighter Alpha games has be removed, but the parry can be allowed to be performed in mid air.

    The super combo, now renamed as "super art," returns in Street Fighter III, but now the player must only chooses one of three super arts that each character has. Each super art varies in terms of length of the meter, and the amount of stocks the super art can hold. This adds a tactical aspect to the game.

    Leap attacks are also feature to be use against ducking opponent. The player taps down twice and punch to do a short jumping attack.

    2nd Impact.
    2nd Impact.

    Winning quotes after a match are presented in a unique way. Depending how well the player does will result to a certain quote or if the player fights a certain character. If the player gets a perfect bout, the character's winning quote will acknowledge how easy the fight was. But if the victory was difficult to achieve, the character will react differently to his or her opponent.

    Introduced in 2nd Impact, the "EX (Extra) special" is a stronger version of a character's special. Once the super meter is filled at a certain length, the player must perform the combination for the special but has to press two attack buttons at the same time.

    Also introduce in 2nd Impact is the "parry the ball" bonus stage. The game is set up with Sean throwing a number a basketballs at a character and must parry the ball.



    No Caption Provided

    "Ryu travels the world seeking true strength. His fighting style is based on Karate. While his moves are not as flashy as other fighters', his technique always fascinates his opponent."

    Ryu is still continuing what he first started, traveling around the world to find his true potential by challenging the most powerful fighters.

    Ryu was dropped off by a man in a truck into the country-side, and is on his way to Oakland by foot. While he runs along the country-side, Ryu starts to think about his friend Ken, and says to himself how he will return to him to challenge him to another fight. But he has to finish his journey in order to make that happen.

    Winning Quotes:

    • "This match...I think I've learned something from this. You're nothing...."
    • "You can't beat me with those incomplete moves!"
    • "What! Out of stamina already!?"
    • "You're wounded.... The hot springs can heal you quickly."
    • "You still have a fighting spirit in your eyes. I look forward to our next battle."
    • "Get up! Show me your true power!"
    • "Put everything you've got in your fist and challenge me!"
    • "These two fists are everything to me!"
    • "I was not concentrating! I have not trained hard enough!"
    • "Your moves are sharp.... But I'll deal with them next time!"
    • "It was a good fight. Challenge me again!"
    • "The world is big! There must be no limit to human strength...."
    • vs. Ibuki: "Your Ninja style is different from Bushin style. But that's because you're not a guy!"
    • vs. Necro: "You can't surprise me with those moves! I used to beat this man from India...."
    • vs. Sean: "Master the basics first. You can learn from the rest!"
    • vs. Oro: "You use strange moves.... They seem different from my power source."
    • vs. Elena: "You have a nice bounce in your body! It's wonderful!"
    • vs. Ryu: "I'm far from perfect.... Imitating my moves is useless."
    • vs. Dudley: "I feel I learned something from fighting with you...."
    • vs. Alex: "Your moves become dull when you get too excited!"
    • vs. Yun: "Chinese art.... That reminds me of all the strong opponents in the past."
    • vs. Yang: "Didn't I see someone else who fights like you?"
    • vs. Ken: "Your Dragon Punch has not run down yet!"


    No Caption Provided

    "Despite his large frame, Alex is extremely quick and powerful, especially in hand-to-hand combat. He mainly employs swinging punches complemented by throws."

    The lead character of Street Fighter III. Alex's mentor, Tom, was severely injured by the hands of Gill. Alex finds out that Gill is throwing the third World Warrior tournament, so he decides to participate in hopes to get revenge off Gill.

    Alex wins the tournament and defeats Gill. When he returns to his hometown, New York, he see Tom walking again and nearly regaining his full strength, and his daughter happy to see him again. Alex then decides to travel around and fine the most powerful fighters to challenge in combat.

    Winning Quote:

    • "You hit the ground right when I was about to go berserk. Lucky!"
    • "You say you were out of form? Your excuses are out of control!"
    • "I always give my all no matter who I face."
    • "Damn! Even my sparring partner lasts longer than that!"
    • "You thought you had a chance? C'mon, everyone knows you're no good!"
    • "I don't know where you trained yourself, but you didn't train hard enough. Those moves suck!"
    • "Bluffing will get you nowhere against me. Talk's cheap!"
    • "Just stay down, don't try to stand up. You look pale!"
    • "Damn, I can't believe how poorly I fought. Next time, I will really beat the crap out of you!"
    • "I didn't think I'd have such a hard time with you!"
    • "You're tough, but you can't outlast the best."
    • "You arrogant imbecile, you slacked off right at the end."
    • vs. Ibuki: "You're a pathetic excuse for a Ninja."
    • vs. Necro: "Your moves are as freakin' weird as you are."
    • vs. Sean: "You shouldn't use big moves you can't control, kid!"
    • vs. Oro: "Keep your temper old man! I'll ignore your piddly ass nexttime."
    • vs. Elena: "If you want guys to like you, you got to use those legs for something else."
    • vs. Ryu: "You.... You seem to live for the fight."
    • vs. Dudley: "You've got mighty body blows, but they'll never hit my vital organs."
    • vs. Alex: "Just stay down, don't try to stand up. You look pale!"*
    • vs. Yun: "Don't pick a fight if you can't hold your ground!"
    • vs. Yang: "You brothers are so hot-blooded! But you're both lamers."
    • vs. Ken: "You may be fast, but not fast enough to elude my fists."


    No Caption Provided

    "Ken's fighting style is based on his practice with Ryu and numerous experiences. Opponents say they see rising flames in his ruthless attacks."

    In the four years that has passed, Ken married his long time girlfriend Jessica, and also had a son named Mel.

    Ken, Jessica, and their son where out in the woods and Ken begins to train Mel how to fight. Ken tells Mel to give him his best shot, but then Ken gets a unexpected punch to the groin. Jessica, who is in shock, pulls Mel away from Ken. Ken, who is hurting, smiles at Mel, gives him the thumbs up and says, "You win."

    Winning Quotes:

    • "That was too easy!"
    • "It's losers like you that make this game boring!"
    • "I thought you had at least a little bit of potential! It seems I was wrong!"
    • "I had an extremely good sense of how the fight would go!"
    • "It was already decided that I would win!"
    • "It's the fighting sense that matters. Time off will never dull my instincts!"
    • "What a reckless man you are. Don't try to execute a jump-kick on me!"
    • "Now you've learned how to kick your opponent!"
    • "I must be getting old to allow someone of your weak ability to almost win!"
    • "You hurt me, but I hurt you worse!"
    • "It's not that you were good! It's that I wasn't trying hard!"
    • "You were good! I almost broke a sweat...."
    • vs. Ibuki: "Did I do anything that makes you hate me?"
    • vs. Necro: "You're so interesting. Come back if you want to challenge me again!"
    • vs. Sean: "You must understand the basic rules of fighting!"
    • vs. Oro: "So you're looking for a disciple? Don't make me laugh! You should be my disciple!"
    • vs. Elena: "A lady like you should not act so violently!"
    • vs. Ryu: "I think we've fought too many times now. When will you accept that I'm better?"
    • vs. Dudley: "Yo...old man! Don't even try to fight me again!"
    • vs. Alex: "You're not so bad! But you're not so good either! Only average...."
    • vs. Yun: "Don't be so depressed. You will get better over time!"
    • vs. Yang: "I like a naughty boy like you!"
    • vs. Ken: "In this world, there are some things you can not imitate!"

    Yun & Yang

    No Caption Provided

    "Yun learned Chinese martial arts from his grandfather, together with his younger brother Yang. Yun wears down opponents with lighting-fast combos. Yang's style is to strike opponents with wave-like attacks."

    Yun Lee and Yang Lee, or also known as the Lee brothers or the "twin dragons," are nephews of Lee from the original Street Fighter. Their parents died when they were very young, and they were taken under the care of their adoptive grandfather. The grandfather is a martial arts master whom trained the two brothers.

    Yun and Yang first hear about the evil plains of Gill, so they enter the third World Warrior tournament to fight and defeat Gill. In their ending, the Lee brothers head back into their hometown of Hong Kong with the news of their victory to their friends and family. The two enjoy their credence with Yun skateboarding and Yang skating along Hong Kong.

    Winning Quotes (Yun):

    • "It's almost scary how perfect I am!"
    • "Sometimes I beat up people too much. Not again!"
    • "Hey you! The one with the weak moves! Are you still alive?"
    • "Your attacks didn't even graze my skin!"
    • "It's only natural you lost. Rest now."
    • "I can't bear to watch your moves. They're too un-cool for words!"
    • "Everyone expects the true Kung Fu master will win."
    • "I've shown you the best moves I've got...the best Kung Fu in the whole world!"
    • "Whew, you scared me.... This much."
    • "I never imagined I could have a hard fight. Maybe I don't imagine enough, but who cares?"
    • "For once in my life, a close one? I must have the sniffles or something."
    • "That was a close one.... But you still lost!"
    • vs. Ibuki: "You look good in your outfit, but good looks aren't everything."
    • vs. Necro: "You're so damn weird! But I beat you anyway."
    • vs. Sean: "Your moves are hard, but unpolished. You'd better tone up or you'll never win with that stupid junk."
    • vs. Oro: "An old man like you should be drinking hot tea or something rather than fighting."
    • vs. Elena: "I've beaten a girl. Grandfather will scold me!"
    • vs. Ryu: "You almost look like you enjoy being beaten!"
    • vs. Dudley: "Your speed combined with your heavy weight is almost unfair. Almost."
    • vs. Alex: "Hey, are you done playing around yet?"
    • vs. Yang: "Don't worry, Kung Fu will always triumph.... My Kung Fu!"
    • vs. Ken: "Your moves are fun to watch, but easy to stop."

    Winning Quotes (Yang):

    • "Enough! I have no reason to waste my fists on your scurvy face."
    • "Why am I so strong, and why are you so weak? Why is the sky blue?"
    • "Weaklings like you should go hang out in the crowd. You're not ready for the real deal!"
    • "Try to look up at the sky! Look down and you'll get depressed as you see your lame body."
    • "I was itching for a good fight. Thanks! But next time make it a good fight, not just a fight."
    • "I did it! No sweat."
    • "I told you I'm strong. You should listen to your superiors!"
    • "What's your problem? You want another fist in the face?!"
    • "Some days are better than others. Today was bad for me, but really bad for you."
    • "I've heard only he of serious mind wins fights. Your mind is a serious sieve."
    • "I repaid you for all the injuries you inflicted on me three times over."
    • "A close one. I almost let you win."
    • vs. Ibuki: "That Ninja costume is wasted on your body!"
    • vs. Necro: "Next time, save your posing for after the fight!"
    • vs. Sean: "You want to try again? Sure, you'll just lose again."
    • vs. Oro: "I don't care if the opponent is young or a worthless old man, I never hold back my Kung Fu!"
    • vs. Elena: "When it comes to fighting, the lines between genders are blurred to me."
    • vs. Ryu: "Don't wander around in that Karate costume, someone might think what it is."
    • vs. Dudley: "You shame yourself with your excuses, old man!"
    • vs. Alex: "Your power is dangerous! Try not to hurt yourself!"
    • vs. Yun: "Over-confidence is the greatest enemy, brother!"
    • vs. Ken: "You are so reckless. You should be a role model, but you're nothing."


    No Caption Provided

    "Dudley tops his profession as a heavy-weight boxer with powerful technique and speed. His honed style requires him to seek the perfect fight - inside or outside the ring."

    Dudley is an eccentric British boxer who "fights like a gentleman." Dudley's father is an athlete who became a successful businessman, but later his begins to fail. Dudley was able to save his family from financial trouble by professional boxing. He later became England's number one boxer.

    At a auction, his father's prized Jaguar was purchased by Gill. Dudley encounters Gill and challenges Gill to a fight for the car. Dudley wins the bout and is giving the keys. Later Dudley is seen driving along the country-side, enjoying the essences of his father's car.

    Wining Quotes:

    • "No matter how many times we fight, I'll always pound your limy hide."
    • "You're down already? The spectators have asked for their shillings back!"
    • "I put the kettle on, but you can't even last through tea time!"
    • "To err is human, but to win is noble."
    • ""Cowards die often", or so it is said."
    • "This was my finest hour!"
    • "Another uncouth lout falls between my knuckles and the street."
    • "Shall I awaken you with the waters of the Thames River?"
    • "The British spirit is an indomitable spirit!"
    • "Good show, but it just isn't in your blood."
    • "It seems the grace of victory doesn't love you."
    • "How could you have given me such a tussle! 'Tis just not my day. Time to go home!"
    • vs. Ibuki: "Not a bad go of things. I enjoyed it Samurai lass!"
    • vs. Necro: "At first you looked like a right good challenge. Looks can deceive eh?"
    • vs. Sean: "Such a greenhorn! You leave your temple wide open. Bad form!"
    • vs. Oro: "On my honor old man, I swear I didn't pull any punches!"
    • vs. Elena: "Pardon me for my violent behavior...lady...."
    • vs. Ryu: "Sad.... The land of the Samurai must have fallen with you."
    • vs. Dudley: "You dared to piss me off. Was it boldness, or stupidity?"
    • vs. Alex: "Ah, I just can't stand ill-mannered goons who ignore grooming!"
    • vs. Yun: "Your fighting skills are equal to...child's play."
    • vs. Yang: "When it comes to lightning actions, the speed of boxing is unsurpassed."
    • vs. Ken: "My apologies, but I have no chance but to maul sissy men like you!"


    No Caption Provided

    "The secret organization changed Necro's DNA structure to enable super-flexible movements and contortion. This cybernaut's fighting style was simulated by computer, then implanted in his brain with cyber technology."

    Necro, whose real name is Illa, is a Russia man whose life was dull and boring. He was confronted by Gill and convinced Necro to join the Illuminati; saying that it would make his life better. But all of that was a trick just so Necro could be experimented on as part of the Illuminati's "G-Project." During his time with the Illuminati he falls in love with a girl named Effie, who was also being held prisoner.

    An opportunity for Necro's freedom a rises. If Necro wins the third World Warrior tournament, he will be freed, but once again Necro is tricked by Gill. Necro gets tangled up by a special type of rope. Gill tells him that he will kill him by blowing up the facility with Necro inside. Effie finds Necro and frees him and they both escape.

    Winning Quotes:

    • "Don't give me that punk-ass attitude! You think I cheated!"
    • "So boring...I could spare change while kicking your ass without breaking a sweat."
    • "I can't believe you're already out! What am I supposed to do with all my rage now?"
    • "I warned you. You didn't listen. The masses of humanity will always my hands!"
    • "Apologize while you can idiot! Say you're sorry for all your crimes and I might spare you...."
    • "My rage was like a white inferno of anger. You will burn...."
    • "What are you looking at? What's your damn problem?"
    • "Get outta my way or I'll tear you limb from limb!"
    • "No mercy to weekend warriors!"
    • "Damn, I can't believe I'm breathing hard after fighting your sorry ass!"
    • "I'll win by any means necessary. I will survive!"
    • "I'm in pain!"
    • vs. Ibuki: "I see you're serious. I like your attitude!"
    • vs. Necro: "Never enter my sight again!"
    • vs. Sean: "Maybe I won't beat the crap out of you anymore. Thank me!"
    • vs. Oro: "You screwy old man, can you even see your damn opponent?"
    • vs. Elena: "You'll never beat my long reach, even if you use your legs!"
    • vs. Ryu: "It seems you've trained well, but is that it?"
    • vs. Dudley: "Thank you for being my punching bag. You're a true gentleman!"
    • vs. Alex: "What's up? You're hella insane! I won't waste my time with you...."
    • vs. Yun: "I'm done playing kid's games with you. Go home!"
    • vs. Yang: "Your insanity is impressive, but not enough. Try again, kido!"
    • vs. Ken: "I don't know why, but I just don't like you, blondie!"


    No Caption Provided

    "Ibuki's strengths lie in Ninjutsu combined with all the ancient Japanese martial arts. Her quick, sharp movements allow her to close in on an opponent and inflict severe damage to a weak point with a deadly blow."

    Ibuki is a ninjutsu fighter who was trained in a hidden ninja village in Kyoto, Japan. Though she fights in her ninja outfit, she really dislikes them and immediately changes into regular clothing after a match.

    Her ninja clan sent Ibuki to track down Gill to get the "G-File," presumably information on the G-Project. She finds Gill and defeats him, and then receives the file. Later on, Ibuki is out on a grasses hill and she senses someone approaching her. She jumps up in the air and throws several kunai swords. But it only turns out to be her friend.

    Winning Quotes:

    • "Useless try, you were beaten from the beginning!"
    • "It was my destiny to win."
    • "I don't think you can understand what Shinobi moves are all about."
    • "I'm the best there is!"
    • "There's no second chance in the real fight!"
    • "Don't underestimate me!"
    • "Devote yourself to your training!"
    • "You don't have enough tenacity for the fight."
    • "Now that you know the special move of the Shinobi, I cannot let you live."
    • "Even though I won, it was too close of a fight!"
    • "I'll beat you from behind next time!"
    • "Hesitation in a fraction of a second can kill you...."
    • vs. Ibuki: "There is only one original!"
    • vs. Necro: "You use strange moves.... Are you a Shinobi too?"
    • vs. Sean: "You want more? A true Master knows when not to fight!"
    • vs. Oro: "May you live long, old man!"
    • vs. Elena: "You'll have big trouble if you fight in a half-hearted way!"
    • vs. Ryu: "As a Shinobi, I urge you to stop wandering around the world in that costume. It's confusing!"
    • vs. Dudley: "You can't accept your defeat? Ninjitsu is not a sport!"
    • vs. Alex: "So much for the Macho Stud! You've lost that power instinct!"
    • vs. Yun: "You are fast, but I am faster!"
    • vs. Yang: "Didn't I just beat your brother?"
    • vs. Ken: "Your cute charms won't save you from defeat!"


    No Caption Provided

    "Elena uses Capoeira to take advantage of her long, strong legs. Her unusual fighting technique employs dancing and legwork - perfect for catching even the strongest foes."

    Elena is a princess from a African tribe. She travels outside of Africa to study to get her PHD, just like her father. Elena is a cheerful and friendly person.

    She travels to Japan to school there. She then befriends a girl named Narumi, and they're seen riding a bike down a steep hill. Elena has a flash back of her time in Japan while she is thinking up a letter that she is going to her parents.

    Winning Quotes:

    • "What did you think of my finishing move?"
    • "You don't have any rhythm!"
    • "Maybe you should take up another skill! Why not try mountain biking?"
    • "Did you let me win? No one can be THAT bad!"
    • "I think we can be friends. You think so too, right?"
    • "African earth is my teacher! You must learn to respect it!"
    • "I felt your rhythm!"
    • "Will you fight me again someday? I think it's wonderful!"
    • "It was a great fight! I wanted it to last forever!"
    • "I'll never forget about today's fight!"
    • "I had a problem timing myself to your moves. Are you tone-deaf?"
    • "I'm so pleased to have fought with you!"
    • vs. Ibuki: "You move like a wild animal, but have the quickness of a cat!"
    • vs. Necro: "You have incredibly long reach. But your moves are slow!"
    • vs. Sean: "You want to fight me again? You have the heart of a lion, but the power of a kitten!"
    • vs. Oro: "Are you O.K. old man? Are you hurt?"
    • vs. Elena: "I hate copycats!"
    • vs. Ryu: "Did I help you in your training?"
    • vs. Dudley: "Boxing is a beautiful sport! But this fight was no game!"
    • vs. Alex: "You're the man who has the wild eyes!"
    • vs. Yun: "You're young, but you're a respectable warrior!"
    • vs. Yang: "I can feel the eternal history in your moves. Next time, try harder!"
    • vs. Ken: "My dad told me to watch out for guys like you!"


    No Caption Provided

    "One-hundred forty years old, Oro the hermit lives in a cave with animals deep in the Amazon jungle. Long experience and a supreme athletic ability him to perform super-human attacks."

    The one-arm fighter, Oro, is dub the strongest fighter in the world. He fights with one arm because he can accidentally kill his opponent if he uses two. Oro realizes that his time is running short, and he must find someone worthy enough to learn his fighting style before he dies; that way he will be remembered.

    Oro is seen deep into thought about the fighter that he encountered, Ryu, and sees him as the one worthy enough to be his student. His ending also reveals that he's on top of a plane flying high in the sky, and then he shouts about how he's going to find Ryu and teach him his fighting techniques.

    Winning Quotes:

    • "Some call it unearthly abilities. I call it Senjitsu."
    • "Such a lack of challenge. I thought you had burning passion, but you are devoid of talent."
    • "It was over before I knew it. Too bad you never trained with me!"
    • "I have no time to deal with cretins like you."
    • "You have to start by learning how to communicate with heaven and earth!"
    • "I used the minimum energy to insure my victory."
    • "You strain yourself too much! Fight without restraint and you will stand a chance."
    • "You have the power, you just don't know how to use it."
    • "Your aptitude is great. Train yourself for 80 years and you'll be a respected Sennin."
    • "For once I felt pressed. First time in ten years I've broken a sweat."
    • "Well, you were almost worthy of the lies you told about your ability."
    • "Show some respect for your elders, whippersnapper!"
    • vs. Ibuki: "You're vicious, but too vicious. You can't even touch me!"
    • vs. Necro: "Your screwed up face is only entertainment."
    • vs. Sean: "You're so young! I envy your youth, but not your lack of skill."
    • vs. Oro: "Your aptitude is great. Train yourself for 80 years and you'll be a respected Sennin."*
    • vs. Elena: "I see promise in you girl. Come on, come closer!"
    • vs. Ryu: "You resemble me in my younger days! I must train you if you are to realize your potential."
    • vs. Dudley: "Your uppercut you're so proud of moves in slow motion in my eyes!"
    • vs. Alex: "Don't judge your opponent by their appearance. You're such a cocky youth!"
    • vs. Yun: "You're not seasoned enough! A 4000-year Chinese legacy just isn't enough."
    • vs. Yang: "I'm tired of dealing with you, immature brat!"
    • vs. Ken: "Your fighting spirit is strong. If I could train you like a dog, you might become good someday!"


    No Caption Provided

    "Sean works hard at imitating Ken's techniques and moves, but he hasn't quite perfected them yet. Sean's weakness is receiving attacks while he is attacking. His dream is to perfect his own original combo."

    Hailing from Brazil, Sean Matsuda is a martial artist who sworn to become Ken's student. Ken would constantly reject training Sean. But Sean refuses to take no for an answer.

    In Sean's ending, Sean is trying to defeat Ryu in combat so he will finally be trained by Ken. But that all fails as Ryu just keep beaten Sean with his fireball technique.

    Winning Quotes:

    • "Hado-power! I think I've come to understand it!"
    • "You lack strength of purpose. Don't despise me!"
    • "I'm as quick as the wind, as fierce as fire, and as solid as a rock!"
    • "Shoryu-reppa! I'll perfect it next time!"
    • "When it comes to the fighting spirit, I can not lose!"
    • "I've reached my potential!"
    • "I did it, master! I beat my first opponent!"
    • "Don't call me Dan!"
    • "I can't lose! I must defeat everyone!"
    • "I like close fights. It makes me stronger!"
    • "I must learn more. Where is Ken?"
    • "Rule #1: Never give up! Rule #2: Don't fight me! Rule #3: Don't be like Dan!"
    • vs. Ibuki: "Great! Are you a real Ninja?"
    • vs. Necro: "I'm too desperate to win to be deluded by your strange moves!"
    • vs. Sean: "You are a man right? Don't be so slow!"
    • vs. Oro: "You're great old man. You've shown me how to defeat a worthless opponent."
    • vs. Elena: "When it comes to the sense of rhythm, you can't beat me!"
    • vs. Ryu: "Please show me that move again! This time I'll watch your hands!"
    • vs. Dudley: "My fist is my soul! You can't defeat me with that spiritless punch!"
    • vs. Alex: "I could tell when you were going to make your next move. It was too obvious!"
    • vs. Yun: "Unlike you, I always try to defeat the opponent with one punch!"
    • vs. Yang: "Kung Fu is supposed to be the best, right?"
    • vs. Ken: "Master! One more match please!"


    Gill is the leader of the Illuminati. In his youth, Gill was genitally enhance and has the power to manipulate fire and ice.

    Gill feels that two imbalance forces will approach and destroy the Earth, and it's up to Gill to restore the balance. Gill's methods are very unusual, he relays on kidnapping, DNA manipulations, and brainwashing others.

    No Caption Provided

    Winning Quotes:

    • "So weak! Are you trying to dull my fighting senses?!"
    • "Are you paralyzed yet? You're way below my expectations, but that's nothing new."
    • "You call yourself well-trained? Obviously humans follow the wrong leaders...anyone but me!"
    • "If you trained harder, maybe you wouldn't fall so quickly. Pathetic!"
    • "Look into my eyes! I'll carve the mark of defeat on your brow."
    • "Ignorant of your own incompetence.... What a fool."
    • "I held back, and still you cower on the ground like a peon. What a waste of human life!"
    • "I should have been conquering the world, not wasting my time with the likes of you."
    • "Not bad, but still you fall short of the perfection I embody."
    • "You actually made me pay attention to this fight, for a moment."
    • "You did well, for one of the sheep. Challenge me again when you learn from your mistakes."
    • "I admire your courage, but you'd be a fool to stand against me again."
    • vs. Ibuki: "Ninjitsu is a rare style that I respect, but you make a mockery of the art. You have no chance."
    • vs. Necro: "I thought I granted you the ability to fight.... Obviously, you are defective."
    • vs. Sean: "Like a prayer without faith, your moves are incomplete. Your odds to win are 1 in a million."
    • vs. Oro: "You are powerful for your old age, but my ambition surpasses yours a thousand fold."
    • vs. Elena: "I respect you, passionate female warrior, but my respect will not save you!"
    • vs. Ryu: "If you let your troubled mind stand in your way, it doesn't take much to slaughter you."
    • vs. Dudley: "You cling to your sense of pride like a fool on a sinking ship."
    • vs. Alex: "You were only slightly easier to defeat than the one who came before me."
    • vs. Yun: "Chinese martial arts look beautiful. But, that is all."
    • vs. Yang: "You and your older brother could have challenged me together, but instead you perish apart."
    • vs. Ken: "Your tongue isn't as sharp when you're lying prone on your back, is it kid? Where's your spirit?"

    Characters introduce in 2nd Impact


    No Caption Provided

    Akuma is seen in Australia on top of a mountain in the evening. He yells "Fist of the master. Behold!" And then strike the ground, causing a huge impact.

    Winning Quotes:

    • "Your power fails to even graze my fist!"
    • "I can tell how much power you possess!"
    • "The power of my fist holds no weaknesses. Grovel in your despair!"
    • "My name is Akuma!! The supreme master of the fist!"
    • "Is that all? You must be joking!"
    • "Where is the person who can satisfy me.... Does such a challenge exist?"
    • "I am disgusted.... You have zero potential!"
    • vs. Ryu: "Fool! You've deserted your karma as a master of fists!"
    • vs. Alex: "You claim to be a man? You cannot prove it with your power!"
    • vs. Yun: "It's a pity! You don't even know your own strength!"
    • vs. Necro: "I'm not even amused. You are a waste of dust."
    • vs. Ibuki: "Your fist lacks ferocity and spirit. You should feel ashamed!"
    • vs. Hugo: " leave!"
    • vs. Sean: "Why are you defeated and humiliated? Ask your own fist one more time."
    • vs. Urien: "Is this what you call your best? Enjoy your humiliation."
    • vs. Elena: "Your kicks lack power.... You don't deserve to be a warrior!"
    • vs. Oro: "Pathetic! Your Senjitsu can barely keep you alive!"
    • vs. Yang: "Runt.... You don't deserve to fight with me!"
    • vs. Dudley: "Your fist is worthless.... Your pride overcomes nothing!"
    • vs. Ken: "Your fake ferocity has done you no good. You cannot harm me!"
    • vs. Akuma: "Fake fists! I shall crush them!"
    • vs. Gill: "Now you see the power of my fist...."


    No Caption Provided

    "Hailing from Germany, Hugo is a gigantic pro-wrestler who is 7' 2" tall and weights in at 445 lb. His powerful muscles and huge body crush opponents. (Hugo is only selectable in 2nd Impact)."

    Hugo Andore, originally from Final Fight, is a wrestler who was made to be the rival of Alex. He and his manager Poison go out and try to find a tag team partner.

    Winning Quotes:

    • "Behave yourself in the krakenhaus!"
    • "There's something about you I don't like.... Maybe...everything?"
    • "To win is my fruede!"
    • "EIN ZWEI DREI!!! ENDE!!!!"
    • "I'll take you on anytime, anywhere.... Wiedersehen!"
    • "I am the strongest! Perufeczion!"
    • "Wrestling is all about power! I am power!"
    • vs. Ryu: "Good moves.... Might make a good balance! How about teaming up with me?"
    • vs. Alex: "You're so serious, but I understand! It was fun, danke!"
    • vs. Yun: "I feel like stomping on someone today.... You'll have to do."
    • vs. Necro: "Maybe it's not such a bad idea teaming up with a freak like you. What do you say?"
    • vs. Ibuki: "Whoa, what is this stuck in me? Thanks for the gift!"
    • vs. Hugo: "We now know who's the real one.... It's the winner! And that's me!"
    • vs. Sean: "That was about as fun as kicking a soda can, but a soda can is recyclable. You are worthless."
    • vs. Urien: ""Iron Body"? Nonsense! Does it rust?"
    • vs. Elena: "My manager is much stronger than you.... So is my baker.... And my dentist...."
    • vs. Oro: "Think about your age.... If you want to be in a grave that badly there are easier ways."
    • vs. Yang: "Your size does have its' advantages.... But not against me."
    • vs. Dudley: "You can only tickle me with your punches. A professional wrestler can withstand much more."
    • vs. Ken: "BRAVO! You would make a magnificent training partner."
    • vs. Akuma: "I thought you were wearing a mask, but that's your real face! Try to be more careful next time!"
    • vs. Gill: "You didn't have to be so rude and arrogant! Forget about our tag team!"


    No Caption Provided

    "Being the brother of the self-proclaimed deity Gill, Urien shares many of Gill's traits, from his basic fighting style to his somewhat strange appearance. (Urien is only selectable in 2nd Impact)."

    Urien is designed to play exactly like Gill, but tone down. He has the power to control electricity and metal. Urien is very jealous about Gill being the President of the Illmunati, a position that truly wants.

    Urien finally gets what he wants, he begins thinking about greatly his new found power is going to be. But then Urien finds out that the reason why he was promoted is due to the fact that Gill was promoted to emperor.

    Winning Quotes:

    • "I will not forgive anyone who tries to oppose me!"
    • "Writhe in agony! Your body shows the anguish of defeat!"
    • "Scream! Cry out! Suffer to your heart's content!"
    • "I am the real emperor! I have no reason to lose!"
    • "My anger will calm only when I am proven to be the true Emperor!"
    • "Traitor! Devote yourself to the ruler and repent your sin!"
    • "I rule the world! Anybody who challenges me shall be eliminated!"
    • vs. Ryu: "There can only be one. I'll crush anyone who claims to be the strongest!"
    • vs. Alex: "Tremble before me! Are you ready to meet with death?"
    • vs. Yun: "Wasting my time warrants a punishment of death! Are you ready?"
    • vs. Necro: "You're annoying, and a failure.... Get out of my way!!"
    • vs. Ibuki: "Try as you may, your attempts will not succeed! Why do you even try?!"
    • vs. Hugo: "My perfect "Iron Body" is invincible.... Anyone who resists it will meet their end."
    • vs. Sean: "A horrible waste of effort! A small fish like you forced me to fight for nothing!"
    • vs. Urien: "I am myself! Are you myself too? Then you have no excuse for your defeat!"
    • vs. Elena: "Fighting has no relation to friendship. What I fight for is to obtain the king's throne!"
    • vs. Oro: "You don't understand my sacred thoughts! Go and hide somewhere as you did before!"
    • vs. Yang: "Your defiance was a mistake! I will give you a punishment that suits you!"
    • vs. Dudley: "What a hypocrite! You are not worthy of life!"
    • vs. Ken: "Your "burning hand" reminds me...I shall make you suffer!"
    • vs. Akuma: "I am not satisfied! You shall compensate me with your death!"
    • vs. Gill: "Brother! Your existence is a sin! You must be destroyed!"

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