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Well I'm playing on PC, and I can hardly ever find fights with good stability, and when I do, it's against duders with like 2000 battlepoints. I'm still at 0 since I've won like one round this far. Is there anyone playing on PC who would have a good connection to me (I'm in Sweden) and who could hold back a little? It's easier to play on friendly terms with someone semi-random than it is to play against these superserious guys who'll whip my ass start to finish. Only time I ever won was when I managed to pull off an ultra which the dude for some reason didn't dodge. My GT is Jack268 and I play on PC as said if anyone wants to play. 
I am also looking for advice on how to improve. I can do all the combos and ultras, except a few times when I fuck up the input and do like c.HP when I intend to fireball(maining Akuma btw). I guess thats what I have to pay for playing with the 360's thumbsticks, but keyboard/D-Pad are just freaking horrible. I know that everyone usually replies "PRACTICE PRACTICE" to threads like this, but practice exactly what? I know what a FADC is for example, but I just don't understand where and how I can squish that into my combos, so help on that would be appreciated. 
Thanks for your time.

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Hello good sir. If you could kindly direct your match-making requests to the official Match-Making Thread, that would be great. Thank you, locking up this thread.

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