So I'm playing online, and a dude with 20% disconnect appears...

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...And I'm all  "What the fuck?" If I believe what the game is telling me (which I rarely do, as I find Capcom's online thingy to be a big fat stinking liar when it comes to how strong the connections are), this guy has disconnected/ragequit on average every one in five matches. He didn't do it with me, ironically, and I think I ended up beating him anyway (I'm pretty sure I was pissed at the time after three beers).
I've seen it less and less, but when I first started playing SFIV online, the number of times some Sagat wankers would throw a hissy fit after losing the first round was ridiculous - even more baffling considering that I wasn't even playing seriously at all. I can sort of  understand it in the context of trying to get that 10-in-a-row achievement/trophy, but the sheer frequency of it was pathetic.
Does this shit happen a lot with Super, or did all the bitter players stay behind? How the fuck do they do it anyway? Just unplug the ethernet cable?

[And for the record, I've managed to clock just over 1000 points with Dhalsim ^_^]

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