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This is weird, thanks to the iPhone version of the game, i've started picking Chun-Li against friends and i actually do put up somewhat of a fight. 
But i still would like to ask you guys on some tips for a new Chun-Li player like myself. 
Here are my questions: 
1. When zoning, what works best?   
  --- Right now, all i do at start is hold back and throw her projectiles until they get close then either go for sweep or an HazanShu. Any different ways to mix it up? 
2. Effective combos? 
 --- As of right now, 2 i like to do with her is JumpHP > LK > Spinning Bird and the second one is an ultra setup consisting near the corner of EX K3x > EX K3x > Ultra. I know very little and would like tips for different situations 
3. Safest way to play her? How offensive? How defensive? 
 --- Right now i keep reseting and trying to stay back. One thing i like to do against rush players (Cammy, Blanka, Bison) is jump and (i believe its) HK for the "Split Kick" not too sure at the moment. That usually catches them, but i wouldnt know what to do after that, really... 
She is my first Charge character... ever. 
So any tips would be greatly appreciated. 
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Welcome to the Fellowship of the Thigh. This isn't everything but here are the Chun basics.
1. Your main pokes are (which cancels into fireball and hazan shuu), st.fp and cr.rh. Basically, you chuck fireballs all-day long until they're close, keep them away with and st.fp, and look to nail then with cr.rh whenever possible.
Since this is your first charge character, you should know that you can hide your charging whenever you feel like it by either spamming out normals, neutral jumping and of course, crouching. I typically charge back while maintaining my space by throwing out 
2. Your main combos are.. > > EX Legs (or three or > cr.lp > > > st.lp > st.fp (minus one if at max range)
Close st.rh > EX Legs
The first one is your bread & butter and is what you should be spending all your meter on whenever possible. Also, the only time you should ever EX Legs > EX Legs is when you're at mid-screen and either wanting them in the corner or want to push them further towards it in order to connect her ultra. Otherwise, its typically a waste of meter and EX Spinning Bird Kick is a better damage substitute when in the corner. 
Combo #2 is your best bet when you either don't have meter or you're trying not to waste it. The last input is a 1-frame link so you'll have to learn to plink it. Basically, when you hit st.lp wait for it to connect and then hit st.fp followed by mp almost instantly. You should also be charging for her fireball during this so that in the event you mess it up you can at least throw out a fireball or ultra through a counter. 
Combo #3 is your punishment combo and causes massive amounts of stun but you'll have to piano roll to get it right. To do it, get in close and hit them with the meaty thigh ( with your ring finger and immediately roll your middle and pointer fingers down across mk and lk. As soon as you do this, immediately mash down on lk + mk for the EX Legs. This all has to be done within a few frames so do it as fast as possible.
She has other combos that you'll figure out (my favorite is Focus Attack > Dash Back > jump stomp > j.fp > EX SBK) but I only have one piece of combo advice: NEVER SPINNING BIRD KICK. Sure it does damage. Sure it does stun. Sure you come out with slight frame advantage, but only two things ever seem to come out of it.
1. You get a throw tech.
2. You eat something huge.
Chun-li is great with mix-ups, but this is such an awful situation for her. Most people think you come out even so they'll try and ex-something right through you, or they'll option select the throw tech. There's not enough time here for her to charge up an EX SBK and even if you do, they'll either block with the option select or beat it clean. 
3. Above all, Chun is a character that has to play to extremely specific match-ups, more so than quite possibly any other character in the roster. Some characters you have to run away as much as possible, others you need rush down like crazy and others you have to play extremely space minded. She's a very versatile character, but also very fragile. Basically.. she's tough to get a handle on. 
I've already put in some general rules for Chun in this post (another is if you don't know what you should be doing, neutral jump into spread legs is never a bad idea) so here are the match-ups you need to know.
Akuma, Rufus, Balrog: These are your worst match-ups. Akuma and Rufus because Chun-li has no reliable, non-situation-specific anti-airs when being jumped on directly and both of these characters have extremely effective dive-kicks which allow them to jump in for free all-day long and there's not a single thing you can do about it. Speaking of not being able to do anything, you have nothing to counter anything that Balrog does. You get to chuck plasma and st.fp all day until he gets 1 bar of meter. Once he has that, you're free.
This is also a good time to point out that EX SBK is not an anti-air. Here is what you have.. keep in mind that these are all super specific to situations. 
Far-Away: st.rh (early to predict a jump, late to catch faraway jumps) and st.fp. 
Mid-Range: (though I wouldn't advise it) and cr.rh. Crouching Roundhouse is actually your best anti-air, as stupid as that sounds, but it loses to steep attacks like Bison's j.fp and of course, dive kicks.
On Your Head: close st.fp. So let's say Bison knows Chun is pringles to j.fp. What you do is you walk under him, as if forcing a cross-up, and use st.fp at the right time so the palm comes out as opposed to the fist. You can use this against Akuma's dive kicks but again, not recommended, because you risk simply handing him a cross-up.
Oh yeah, another funny bad match-up for Chun is E.Honda. Not only because his damage output against Chun is like a semi-truck plowing through a kleenex but because for some reason, he can manage to trade on just about any of his attacks against Chun and she'll lose every time. 
I probably sound extremely down on Chun, but I want to stress what an uphill battle it is to learn her. She has all the tools to be successful, but she requires a ton of work to get the win. She's going to be a little better in SSF4 thanks to Kikosho (and there is already a huge bandwagon starting for her) but her the nerfs she's receiving should keep her in the upper-mid territory where she is now. Good luck! 

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I don't use Chun that much, but here are my impressions: 
Look up Shizza the Chun Pad player (so you have double no excuse why you can't do shit with chun on a pad) and see him kick ass. 
Don't always do the sex kick (n. jump HK). With exception of a couple of characters, her sex kick beats everything like Geif's lariet beats everything (General statement, i know not exactly true), so most noob chuns I see online would just jump up and down randomly looking to land a sex kick and taunt at me (/complain that I'm a turtle, etc) when they find out I'm not dumb enough to just walk in on their sex kick.  
That being said, her ultra goes through fireballs and her super is so fast, moves that you thought was safe really isn't against her.  
Her pokes are good, as seen about a month ago on a team tournament Norcal beat Socal and East coast cause of a chun player that basically outpoked everybody else out. However, thats situational since there are other characters with better pokes, so with relative low life, you'll lose. 

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good post for the most part but i have a few differing opinions
1. Balrog vs Chun is in Chuns favor. 
Since rog can be thrown out of any rushes except ex, you can just turtle while spamming kikoken then mash jabs (his ex moves take two hits to stop him)  herflip kick messes with balrogs charge.   Akuma is a fucker.
2. EX SBK can be used as anti air a lot of times, it just doesnt beat everything. 

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God dammit Jared...

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Damn, Mr. Jared. you went all out! 
but this is just the tips i need. 
To the Training-Mobile! *batman theme*
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its like as if Mr Jared mained him or somethin

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@StaticFalconar said:
" its like as if Mr Jared mained him or somethin "
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@AniMoney said:

" @StaticFalconar said:

" its like as if Mr Jared mained him or somethin "
her "
Epic StaticFalconar fail.
But yeah, Chun-Li has the best pokes in the game along with M. Bison. POKE TILL YOU CHOKE.
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@Napalm said:
" @AniMoney said:

" @StaticFalconar said:

" its like as if Mr Jared mained him or somethin "
her "
Epic StaticFalconar fail.  But yeah, Chun-Li has the best pokes in the game along with M. Bison. POKE TILL YOU CHOKE.  Wait... "
Man, i'ts leik i fald gremmor skool or sumthin (meant to type it this way). 
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i kno rite?! (meant to follow with joking)

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