Street Fight IV on PC

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So I don't have either of the major consoles, and am interested in playing this game. After hearing about it I am pretty interested, it's on sale on Steam now, and I was wondering what peoples experience with the PC version are?  And are there a substantial amount of people still playing this game on PC?

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I've played the pc version before and it's not really any different than the console versions. As far as finding matches online, I got no idea man.  Been wondering the same thing myself, where are all the online fighting games for pc?

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I figure since they didn't release Super Street Fight IV on the PC, there's probably a decent chance people are still playing it, kind of a crapshoot though.

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#4 Posted by ComradeKritstov (697 posts) -

The Capcom online store has SFIV PC download for $15 if you aren't super attached to Steam. But I'm also wandering how many people play it online, and if macros are a problem on PC.

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