Street Fighter 4 AE Xbox Live Online League - Sign ups open

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Sign ups now open

I have been playing in an online PS3 league for 3 years. The league is It has been a huge success and at one time had over 150 characters and a waiting list. I am now trying to move that success over the Xbox live.

But if you are interested please go to the website and sign up.

If you have any questions please email me at

Hello and welcome to the inaugural season of the SFXOL.

The league was created after the on PS3. The league was designed for skilled players as well as new comers who are just trying to improve there game or just love Street Fighter. The league will be broken up into two conferences West Coast and East Coast and we will open up a third division if any other countries are interested in joining. The two conferences will then be broken down into divisions of 8. So you could have gold division, silver division, Bronze division and so on and so forth. The schedule will be based on weekly assignments. So week one you would play all your divisional opponents. (You do this by adding people to your friends list then either meeting up with them or scheduling a time to play)

After week 1 everyone would be ranked in there division. Then in week two the number 1 in gold division would then play number 1 in silver division and the 2 would play the 2 and so on and so forth. This will give members plenty of opportunities to move up in the divisional rankings. Week three would then be back to everyone playing there divisional opponents. The twist in week 4 would be the gold division getting a rest and the silver division playing down this time instead of up giving the bronze division a chance to challenge for a higher ranking.

There will also be monthly tournaments which has prizes such as the ability to challenge any member or the ability to challenge any member in the next division up. The tournaments are not mandatory but give players more exposure and a chance to move up in the rankings if they like. There will also be a tournament at the end of the season to determine number 1 overall. Please stay tuned as the tournament events are added and the schedule is released. Events will include, War Games, Survivor Series, Tournament Time, 2v2 and more


#1 must have RD CombOeateR on friends list

#2 must report matches and abide by the honor system

#3 lack in playing or dedication will result in removal.

#4 All league matches are best 2 out of 3 three-round matches unless noted.

#5 will follow Evo rules where you must stay with the same character if you win but you may switch your ultra between matches.

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