Street Fighter iPhone Quick Look?

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I'd love to see this in a Quick Look, especially considering Giant Bomb hasn't really given any coverage in the way of reviews or videos to iPhone games.

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Can you get direct feed from an iPhone?

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Id rather see a video of someone playing it rather than a direct feed.  That way you can see how easy the controls work.  I have yet to see a video of someone playing it yet.  I imagine by now someone has posted something on youtube.  going to look now.

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thats a pretty shitty frame rate. heres the quick look... its street fighter with your hands covering half the screen. 
I have an iPhone and I don't play games on it. Most of the things I would want to play require you to have *buttons* and they just draw buttons on the screen which means now i have to have my hands on the screen which means now I can't see a non-trivial amount of an already tiny screen. 
edit: oh, and motion control sucks for just about everything else. I have yet to use a single motion controlled device that is accurate enough for gaming. tilt to aim or steer... are you kidding me... hello mr. wall.

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