Street Fighter IV 50% off

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Street Fighter IV is getting a good sale right now, but only on PC. Both Games For Windows Live on demand and Impulse is selling Street Fighter IV at $19.99. So Jump on it people.

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would if my lappy would run it. 
As soon as i pay this puppy off im getting me a gaming PC.
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I had 400 spare points in my account so went ahead and bought it as It was only 1320 via the games for windows live marketplace - fast download too, just a shame that it doesn't download and install at the same time like Steam (or Xbox 360 games/demos come to think of it). 
Used to have it on PS3 but I couldn't handle the difficulty curve for learning to input basic commands - it's a world apart from something like Tekken, SoulCalibur and Guilty Gear -especially if it's your first SF4 game. Tutorial is awful for new comers too (made Jeff's review slightly out of whack when he claimed it was friendly to beginners - not even close. At least Tekken has button overlays in the tutorial which show you specific timing, something I desperately need). 
Though I'd man up and try once again though now I got my new laptop -kind of shocked at how little of a graphical improvement there is over consoles, even when running everything maxed at 1080p - maybe I should have waited and got Super for the PS3? Meh. At least I can take the game with me places this way...

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i dont think they should even be selling regular sf4 at this point.

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