The greatest Guile Theme Goes With Everything of all time?!

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Ok, sure lock me for youtube spam for posting an awesome video, but there is plenty to discuss here.
First of all, E3 2010, remember that one? Yeah disappointing overall, however there is one positive we can take from it. And thats using the kinect footage of Dance Central and making the most awesome Guile's Theme Goes With Everything video in existance! I'm seriously addicted to this song, it's like crack to me now, it keeps spinning around my head throughout the day and this video is one of the reasons why.
Also, a cookie for anyone who posts a vid which Guile's theme does not go to.

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God I love this song.

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Stolen quote from youtube on a remix of this very song: 
 I was blasted through the wall from the awesomeness, broke four ribs and got a concussion. My wife was lucky enough to be downstairs... she only became pregnant.    

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Awesome. While not entirely on topic, I feel this rendition of this great theme shouldn't be missed: 
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  i think the guile theme might not go with this video, i don't know mute it and play the theme over it and judge for yourself

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