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I enjoyed my time with SFxMM, but Vega was just awful. I ended up beating him without the use of an E-Tank (I had used my only one and subsequently gamed over more than 7 times before I beat him). Here is a strategy for anyone having a problem. Before I begin, just know that you’ll die. A lot.

Here’s what I did:

1) Pop Soul Satellite right off the bat. The satellites circle you, even when you change weapons. Vega LOVES getting up in your grill, and even though it doesn’t do a lot of damage it’ll hit him when he hits you, so there’s some trade off. Trust me, you’ll need all the extra damage you can get.

2) Your goal here is to knock off Vega’s mask and claw. Vega takes more damage with his mask missing, and does less damage without his claw (just like Street Fighter). Chun-Li’s weapon, “Lightning Kick” will do this best. Just one hit has a good chance of knocking off his claw or mask. If you can get near him, spam Lightning Kick and knock his accessories off.

3) Once you knock his mask off swap to Optic Laser, C. Viper’s weapon. With his mask off it’ll do good damage, and because of its size it has a good chance of hitting him. He moves a lot, so large sweeping weapons like this are best. Don’t use Yoga Fire, because you can’t move while you use it.

4) Let’s talk about his abilities: He’ll fly horizontally to stab you. You can easily slide under this and hit him when he lands. He’ll climb up the fence and fly vertically down at you. This is, hands down, the worst and most cheesy ability in the entire game. If he decides to spam it (which he likes to) just give up. It’s almost impossible to dodge. One thing to note is that he can’t span the whole level with it. If he climbs to the top right, run to the far left corner. He won’t make it and you can hit him when he lands. If he climbs to the middle you’re fucked. Just take the damage. Your Soul Satellite will return some damage. He rolls and then tries to claw you, you can jump over this and it’s easy to hit him after he finishes. If he backflips don’t waste your ammo. He is invulnerable during backflips, like in Street Fighter. His Super Combo (metered) move is VERY easy to dodge. Simply slide under his first dash, and then simply be anywhere but in the middle. There’s plenty of time to dodge this. Ruin him with Lightning Kick once he lands.

Alright guys, good luck. If you have an E-Tank you’re in better shape than me.

As a quick note on his level, use Soul Satellite to climb up the fences safely. Use M. Sweeper (Roland’s weapon) to kill many of the enemies while climbing.

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You can slide away from his dive if he jumps from the middle, but the timing is super strict.

Also knocking off his claw also significantly reduces the hitbox of his dive attack.

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