Cross Assualt Recap

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Cross Assault got a lot of attention at GB - most of it revolving around the controversial comments - and not many took notice of the actual program. Personally I don't blame anyone for not caring about Cross Assault. Even as a fighting game fan the Capcom reality 'show', if you want to call a jumble of live streams that, was an unwatchable mess. I wanted to post a link to the nice wrap-up shows created by Maximilian, Team Spooky and Iplaywinner.

These 5-10 minute shows try to make some semblance of each day's events and drama. These wrap ups are produced by the FGC so the drama sticks mostly to the fighting, avoiding the "people" drama almost exclusively. While the videos don't turn Cross Assault into the Jersey Shore many want to see it does make the event watchable and gives a better look into the personalities of all these FGC members. For anyone interested in the FGC or SFxT I would say give it a watch.

You can check maximilian's YouTube page for all the episodes (still waiting on day 7 finale).

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oh cross assault D:

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