Need help doing cross cancel

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I'm doing the tutorial 16 that has you do a cross cancel but can't do it at all. what timing do you need to do to land this?

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Isn't that just hitting tag during a special? just do a shoryuken and hit both mediums. nothing in the tutorial is difficult.

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do you play marvel? it's kinda like advance just block and then after they hit you and you block you point towards them and press punch or kick.... i think that's what you mean...

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having problems with this too. Its the only one i cant complete. Help!? I have re-read the tutorial and what im doing is holding back to block then pushing forward along with punch and kick Heavy. all at the same time. Im not really landing anything. I think my timing is off and im loosing patience.

Edit*** Got it. Its very fast movement. You need to push back just in time to block then immediately forward and the two heavy attacks. then it works

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It's pretty tough to pull of, especially when you are first learning it but you just need to block, and as soon as you see the first contact (first frame of the block animation) you need to push forward and press both heavy attacks. You don't wait until the block animation is done or halfway through, you need to do it as fast as possible when you see the first frame of blocking animation.

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