Fighting Game n00b looking for a decent game to start with!

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Firstly - I LOVE this new site - well done guys.

Now I have NEVER been able to get into fighting games. I've tried loads of times to get into Tekken, SF, DOA etc etc but just can't get into them.

Anyone know of any good fighters that idiots like me can master without having to learn 68 button combos just to block a punch???

Love to your mothers!


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I am really into fighting games, but I'm not very good at them. I don't take the time to learn all the moves and memorize them. The Soul Calibur series was easy for me to pick up because you can do some good fighting moves without having to press a whole lot of buttons. You can get very far in Soul Calibur with button mashing:)

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If you get confused easily stick with 2D fighters. Otherwise, I reckon that DOA is the easiest to get a hang of. Also, perhaps the upcoming Mortal Kombat vs. DC Universe would be something for you. As for 2D fighters, just give Street Fighter II Hyper Fighting a chance or perhaps a Mortal Kombat game. If you want some crazy stuff (but good) try Guilty Gear XX #Reload.

Oh and the Soul Calibur suggestion is also a good one.

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If you have a 360, I recommend you purchase Ultimate Mortal Kombat 3 from XBLA. You can download a trial to try it out for yourself, and it is relatively cheap.

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