Should I Get Super Street Fighter IV?

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I had Street Fighter IV for PS3 and I loved it but I haven't played it for a long time as my PS committed suicide but I'v recently (while playing Injustice) started to miss playing a Street Fighter game so should I get Super Street Fighter IV for the Xbox 360?

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Go ahead. That game is now dirt cheap and the FGC community is mostly on the Xbox version of it.

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It would depend if you want to take the time to learn the game. If you do then by all means, but if you want to just go online and mess around you'll probably get bodied and have like no fun. Obviously either way its up to you.

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@heartagram: @irrelevantjohn: I was wondering if the online community was still active if so that's cool but yea I do want to relearn the game as you say since it's been a pretty long time and I used to be pretty good

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Theoretically it's a little better for online play because the players are already unlocked and more balance changes are implemented in it. And it's probably dirt cheap now anyways.

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Yes but make sure you get Arcade Edition, not regular Super.

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Yeah as stated above get Arcade Edition, I rarely can find matches on Super nowadays (on PSN though)

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DOOOOOOOOO EEEET for Arcade Edition.

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@jonny_anonymous: Picking up Arcade edition will allow you to also get the free update (Version 2012) which is on all 3 systems (I play on 360 and PC) there is going to be another update (aiming for end of 2013) but they have only just started work on it: while it might not be free I am sure they will do the same thing as with AE (in that you can buy it on top of SSF4 vs a disc version if you want it.)

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@killercombo: I got SSFV: AE not that long ago trying to practice getting back in to the swing of things, I think I'm going to go with Yun as my main so I'm practicing with his moves but for some reason I just can't do his Ultras

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