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Street Hockey '95 is a hockey game developed and published by GTE Entertainment for the Super Nintendo platform. It features a more urban environment and switches ice and iceskates with cement and rollerblades. It features multiple modes and 3 on 3 matches.

The game was released exclusively on the Super Nintendo in late 1994. It was released the same time as Jammit, which took a similar route with basketball and was also published by GTE Entertainment. Despite including the year in its title, it was the only Street Hockey game ever produced.


Street Hockey '95 is a street hockey game that is played three on three with two players on the field and one as the goalie. There are nine playable characters that can be selected to be on the players team.

Game Modes

There are seven different game types that can be played:

  • Practice
  • Tournament
  • Fat Point
  • Rush
  • Whack
  • Crammit
  • Hot Puck

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