Streets of Rage 4 announced.

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#1 Edited by SASnake (612 posts) -

Ya'll ready to return to the streets?

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#2 Posted by FrodoBaggins (2025 posts) -

Holy fuck I'm all in on this.


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#3 Posted by Willza92 (378 posts) -

Wow, weren’t they talking about this on the beastcast only a few weeks ago? Cool art style though.

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#4 Posted by SASnake (612 posts) -

Holy fuck I'm all in on this.



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#5 Edited by alternate (2905 posts) -

Not sure why you would go out for a night of fighting dressed like that. Seems impractical.

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#6 Edited by Gaff (2768 posts) -

Maybe it's me, but the first thing I noticed was... Dad Bod Axle?

Also... I love Jeff's entry on the Wiki page here:

DotEmu is putting out a new Streets of Rage game. Weird!

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#7 Edited by liquiddragon (3291 posts) -

I just listened the bombcast where they were talking about a new Streets of Rage.

Looks pretty cool.

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#8 Edited by Sanj (3248 posts) -

Please bring back Yuzo Koshiro. PLEASE. For me, Streets of Rage IS his music.

Loading Video...

Side note: Art style is pretty dope. Not a choice I would have first thought of for a Streets of Rage game, but I think it works well.

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#9 Posted by drdust (87 posts) -

ohhh i am in ! soooo in

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#10 Edited by StriderNo9 (1347 posts) -

I don't love the art style, if the gameplay is there I'm down.

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#11 Posted by BoOzak (2548 posts) -

I prefer good hand drawn (more or less) art than typical pixel art but this being a Streets of Rage game it probably should have been pixel art. Looks pretty good though.

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#12 Posted by Seikenfreak (1506 posts) -

Neat. I feel like an art-style that was less clean, smooth, and flat would've fit with the gritty 80's-90's vibe a bit better.

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#13 Posted by ShadGandel (8 posts) -

This game's being worked on by the Streets of Fury EX team. You might remember the Quick Look with Dan and Jason. They've improved SoFEX a ton since then, and I trust them when it comes to building a beat 'em up. Hoping the duders can take another look at it during UPF or a playdate or somethin'.

It's also being worked on by the Wonder Boy remake peeps, which I haven't played yet but I've heard good things about.

Pretty wild how it's three French studios working on this game, huh!

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#14 Posted by deactivated-5b85a38d6c493 (1990 posts) -

Really dislike the artstyle. It's a shitty thing to say, but it honestly looks like a Newgrounds flash game. I'm not saying you can't make a 2D game with great looking hand drawn art, but this looks cartoony in a way that makes me think of 2000s flash animation.

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#15 Posted by Sanj (3248 posts) -

@boonsong: Please show me the Newgrounds flash game that looks as good as the screens I posted above, I would love to play it.

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#16 Edited by ghost_cat (2249 posts) -

Here to chime in the art style: I do wish there was a bit more grit to it, but I love the character designs, especially their shapes/proportions.

Other than that, everything looks dope, and I can't wait to play it!

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#17 Edited by fisk0 (6854 posts) -

@sanj: Yeah, the music in the trailer doesn't feel at all like Streets of Rage. If they can't get the original composer, maybe at least the Sonic Mania people could do something similar enough, there were some 90s rave vibes in that soundtrack. Or they just ask Jeff Minter for licensing suggestions.

Really needs that thumpy TX81Z "LatelyBass", TR727 or 909 drums and the alpha juno "hoover sound" to sound right.

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#18 Posted by deactivated-5b85a38d6c493 (1990 posts) -

@sanj: Comparing it to Newgrounds flash games was dumb, I take that back. This obviously has loads more detail put into than any free browser game would have. I just think it has such a generic cartoony look to it that reminds me of a lot of that stuff.

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#19 Posted by ShaggE (9235 posts) -

Yes please. Not in love with the art style, but that's no biggie if the game feels right.

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#20 Posted by hippie_genocide (2427 posts) -

@boozak: I feel like pixel art is just so played out that this game would get lost in the hundreds of other pixel art beat-em-ups. The art style actually makes it stand out, to the game's benefit I think.

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#21 Posted by Chrissill (9 posts) -

Something about the art style doesn't sit with me, but that doesn't mean I am not hyped! I hope it has a nice in-depth combat system like Mother Russia Bleeds.

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#22 Posted by FrodoBaggins (2025 posts) -

Only two playable characters?

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#23 Posted by WMoyer83 (1017 posts) -

Where’s Adam?

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#24 Posted by cikame (2768 posts) -

Fight'N Rage very quickly became my go to brawler, The TakeOver is a nice homage to SoF but there's a stiffness to the classic gameplay which i think they should try to overcome with this new game, without losing what makes SoF so beloved.
Not a fan of the art style, but it's not like Sega were doing anything with it.
Hope Axel appears in Tekken 7.

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#25 Edited by Jonny_Anonymous (3651 posts) -

The art is cool.

The music is cool.

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#26 Posted by rawkpartee (16 posts) -

I’m in!!

Hopefully they get online multiplayer.

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#27 Posted by Sanj (3248 posts) -

I just realized that, at the end of the trailer, Axel lit his hand on the ground like a fucking matchstick AND THAT IS EXCELLENT.

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#28 Posted by deathbyyogurt (46 posts) -

Can I play as a kangaroo boxer? THIS IS IMPORTANT!

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#29 Posted by geirr (3752 posts) -

The music was a huge part of the experience for me with SoR2 so if they nail that,
unlike the trailer, this might be a fun little romp.

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#30 Posted by Shiftygism (899 posts) -

Not down with the artstyle.

But then again, I'm not that bothered by it as I was always more of a Final Fight fella.

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#31 Posted by Redhotchilimist (2954 posts) -
Loading Video...

I appreciate that Lizardcube are bringing their talents to different games. "Flash" my ass, like the Skullgirls or the Cuphead devs these people do some proper traditional animation.

I have no personal history with Streets of Rage, but I'm up for another beat 'em up.

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#32 Posted by James_ex_machina (1067 posts) -

I can’t wait for this. Love the artwork.

Speaking of Streets of Rage, is anyone else backing Streets of Steel on Kickstarter?

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#33 Posted by Seikenfreak (1506 posts) -

So these are the Wonder Boy people huh.. I got a physical copy of that off Limited Run but never got around to trying it. Suckers still sealed on the shelf.

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#34 Posted by Sweep (10586 posts) -

All in 100%. Let's go.

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#35 Posted by Undeadpool (6955 posts) -

Here's hoping we get a Sonic Mania situation where people who ACTUALLY give a fuck inject new life into a floundering property Sega lost interest in!

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#36 Edited by chaser324 (8644 posts) -

If the music in this trailer is indicative of what's going to be in the game, I'm not interested.

I love SoR and a huge part of that is the music. If they don't deliver on the music front then what's even the point?

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#38 Posted by Sanj (3248 posts) -

...It's not a no...!

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#39 Posted by Rebel_Scum (1441 posts) -

The music wasn't great. The characters look too cartoony. The backgrounds looked ok but could be a bit more darker/dirty/grungy. Hope this comes out well.

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#40 Posted by Raven10 (2284 posts) -
@sanj said:

Please bring back Yuzo Koshiro. PLEASE. For me, Streets of Rage IS his music.

Loading Video...

I came here to say this.

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#41 Posted by CJduke (1035 posts) -

Streets of Rage 1-3 were some of my favorite games as a kid. Hopefully this is good!

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#42 Posted by NTM (11647 posts) -

I was joking to my brother about it the other day as a 'what if' kind of scenario, then he wakes me up saying 'hey, I know you were joking, but take a look at this!' Also... I wish there were a Streets of Rage/Final Fight cross game.

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#43 Posted by Jonny_Anonymous (3651 posts) -

"If the music doesn't sound exactly like I want and in the style I want I am OUT!" Man, you folks are wild.

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#44 Posted by carlthenimrod (1635 posts) -

This looks like they tried to reboot Streets of Rage as a kids cartoon (for some reason) and this is the game based on the cartoon. It just seems kind of flat and uninspired.

I'll keep an open mind but this trailer didn't do much for me.

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#46 Edited by BrunoTheThird (825 posts) -

No Adam? He was my favourite as a kid, that's really shitty. A black cop doing a flying kick in motorcycle leathers was pretty much the coolest thing ever to four-year-old me. Blaze and Axel are cool, but we all love our mains most of all. This wouldn't bother me if the game wasn't clearly harking back to the first game, which is the only one Adam was playable in. Ah well.

I love the art style, personally. Reminds me of Street Fighter artwork a little.

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#47 Posted by nutter (1980 posts) -

Nice, hope they do it justice.

Axel has some tiny feet. What is he, a size 8?

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#48 Posted by nutter (1980 posts) -

@brunothethird: I had the same reaction, but he was only playable in the first game, so I guess I get him not being here, at least at announce.

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#49 Posted by BrunoTheThird (825 posts) -

@nutter: It looks vastly better than I could've anticipated, so I will count its blessings. Blaze it is, then, in that embarrassing getup!


About the music: everyone knows the old shit was the best, but that was then. I am glad they're not trying to emulate it and are going for a different sound that matches its new look pretty well.

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#50 Posted by nutter (1980 posts) -

@brunothethird: I was an Adam guy in Streets of Rage 1. I want to say I was manily Blaze after that.

I was playing Streets of Rage recently, and yeah, that music is pretty great. I do not expect them to come close to touching that...that’s too high a bar and setting myself up for disappointment.

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