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A 1997 release made by Maxis that is notably one of the few games in the Maxis series that Will Wright did not work on. Streets of SimCity is a vehicle combat game which allows users to drive around premade cities in a choice of cars, or their own cities made and designed in SimCity 2000. Up to eight players could battle against one another in network mode or play alone in the career mode. This was the final game made by Maxis without EA since Maxis would be acquired only months later.


  • Career - a mission-base episodic career, including: Zippy's Courier Service, Galahad's Watch, Granny's Wild Ride, Race for Your Life, and a fifth untitled episode consisting of unrelated deathmatch missions.
  • Player's Choice - a non-mission free roam mode. Maps created on SimCity2000 can be played on this mode and there are four difficulty levels and small side mission like games to play. Intended to be an exploration mode.
  • Network - allows connection of up to 8 players on any map. Includes a deathmatch game type and freeplay for manic exploration.

Within the game you can customize your car before you use it in the mission/deathmatch. Cars are diverse, if few in number. There is a Sports Car, a Van, a Muscle Car, and a Volkswagen beetle clone to name a few.

Up to six different types of equipment, called mods, can be added to any car along with five types of tires available for each vehicle. Five different types of weapons are available for purchase and three unique different engines before each mission as well.


  • StreetRat: A small quick vehicle with little armor, similar to the VW Beetle.
  • J57: a speedy vehicle based on the Ford GT40.
  • Airhawk
  • Azzaroni
  • HMX Utility Van

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