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A very bad game.

I can't begin to estimate how many hours I played Streets of Sim City as a little kid. Me and my childhood friend John would stay up night playing this game, until the computer would literally freeze. Playing this game for the first time in 8 years, I've come to realize one thing. God, we we're idiots. Streets of Sim City is a very bad game. 
But....in some ways, it is kind of fun. Sure, the graphics suck, the AI is terrible, and the controls are completely and totally shit, but there are some moments, when cars are flying through the air and missiles are exploding everywhere that you you realize, "Holy shit...THIS IS COMPLETE CHAOS." Making your car jump through the air is the funniest part of the game, because the physics are so sloppy and bad that your car literally flies straight up, stops, and flies straight down, smashing into the ground. It's especially funny seeing other cars do this, because they literally disappear for a few seconds, and then suddenly, they crash to the ground right in front of you. 
It's really not enough to redeem the game from being a very bad rip-off of Interstate '76. I mentioned the controls earlier. Let me mention them again. They SUCK. Extremely. It's almost impossible to turn any sort of corner without hitting a building or flipping your car over. Hitting any sort of ramp, no matter how small, can send you flying uncontrollably through the air. The game is really difficult. The graphics are so bad and firefights get so chaotic that you can have no idea whats going on, and then suddenly your dead. 
The game has only one cool feature and it could have been amazing if they did the game right. You can take cities you've designed from Sim City 2000 and import them into the game, which allow you to have firefights in your own cities. If the game was actually fun to play, it would have really been awesome. The game is way too broken though and it's just not remotely worth it. 
 What am I saying? There really is nothing redeeming about this game. As good as this game could have been, it's still just a rip-off of Interstate '76. And even if this game wasn't the broken mess of a game that it is, people still would have chosen the original over the remake.

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