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    Stretch Panic

    Game » consists of 4 releases. Released Jul 27, 2001

    A puzzle-action boss rush game developed by Treasure for the Playstation 2. Linda and her demon-possessed scarf must battle against the vanity demons possessing her twelve older sisters.

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    Stretch Panic (JP: Hippa Linda (Pulling Linda), EU: Freak Out) is an action-puzzle game that is focused on a series of boss fights that must be defeated by figuring out the puzzle behind each one. The protagonist, Linda, is forced to fight the demonically-possessed versions of her twelve sisters after the family is tricked by vanity demons. Linda is spared because she was grocery shopping at the time, and uses a demonically-powered scarf to exorcise her sisters (the demon that inhabits her scarf attempted to possess Linda too, but couldn't due to her lack of vanity).

    The game is built around its elasticity/stretching gimmick. By using the scarf to grab onto surfaces, the player can pull back and snap the surface to cause damage to the target. Linda can also be launched head-first into enemies by pulling on the scarf, which also causes damage. By discovering which parts of the bosses to grab, Linda can perform enough damage to free each of her sisters from their possession. Each sister's fight has its own theme related to that sister's interests: a horror movie enthusiast, for instance, becomes a Medusa-like monster whose gaze can kill. The scarf is also used for traversal, where needed: since Linda is a small child who cannot run or jump effectively, the scarf can be used as a grapple hook to get around faster.

    The game was released exclusively on the PS2 in Europe, the US and Japan.


    Linda is the youngest of thirteen sisters, who are all very vain. They spend their days trying on clothes, putting on makeup, and complementing each other on how pretty they are. Linda, however, is different. She is mature, good-natured, and hard working.

    One day, while Linda is out shopping (fetching cosmetics for her sisters), a mysterious package arrives and the sisters begin to speculate what the contents may be. As they are doing, this the package begins to speak to them. The package explains that it was attracted by their vanity and wants to offer the chance for endless beauty. The sisters, dazzled by this offer, accept.

    At this moment Linda returns home just as a blinding light engulfs the house the light catches her scarf and it becomes possessed by a demon, initially frightened by the large Black Hand on her scarf she soon realizes that the scarf seems to like her and she can control it!

    The voice that was before speaking to her sisters now starts speaking to Linda offering her the same beauty that was given to her sisters and her scarf. Linda realizes that her sisters have been possessed by demons of vanity and have been taken to the demon world. With only her scarf at her side she must set out to rescue them.



    Linda and her possessed scarf
    Linda and her possessed scarf

    Linda is the hero of this story and the character that the player controls throughout the game. At the start of the game Linda is given a demon-possessed scarf which Linda can use to stretch and destroy enemies.

    Linda's Sisters


    Linda Fighting Cinder
    Linda Fighting Cinder

    Before becoming possessed Cinder was obsessed with fire. She was transformed by the demon possessing her into her own image of ‘perfect beauty’ and is now a pyromaniac fire demon.


    Spinner was the sportiest of the sisters before being transformed and loved running around in circles to make herself dizzy, now the demon possessing her as made her balanced like a pendulum to take advantage of her centrifugal fascination.

    Miss Mecca

    Miss Mecca was the most creative of the sisters and yearned to be an inventor, now possessed by a demon she has built a large robot to protect herself from Linda.


    Siren used to train as an opera singer the demon now possessing her is now using this skill to captivate anyone who comes near.

    Fay Soff

    Linda Fighting Fay
    Linda Fighting Fay

    More than any over Sister Fay was obsessed with her facial beauty the demon possessing her as made a face gigantic and given her features a life of their own.

    Anne Droid V2.1

    Anne was the nerd of the family and her demon has transformed her into a satellite orbiting her own planet.


    Before becoming possessed Jelly had a philosophy of ‘big is beautiful’. The demon possessing her now has made her bigger and hungrier than ever by transforming her into a giant gluttonous blob.


    Demonica used to have an unhealthy obsession with all thing horror related so the demon possessing her has now made Demonica look so terror-inspiring that she only has to look at someone to cause them to die. Her boss fight involves keeping her from looking at Linda by manipulating a house's fixtures as she prowls around outside.


    Samantha is the second youngest of the sisters, being only a year older than Linda. Samantha used to enjoy playing with her favorite toy - a plastic fish - but now the demon controlling her has turned the fish into a deadly living weapon that can grapple large objects and throw them around.


    Cyan was the smallest of the sisters but after being possessed the demon has transformed her into a gigantic alien waging war against tiny jet pack shock troopers that Linda must ally with to save little Cyan.


    Mirage was obsessed with Egyptian culture and has been transformed into a mummified temptress in a sarcophagus creating tornadoes of sand to attack Linda.


    Linda Fighting Spirit
    Linda Fighting Spirit

    Spirit is the eldest of the sisters and is Linda’s ultimate adversary; the demon controlling her has changed Spirit into a ghost who can influence the world around her using two large phantom claws.


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