Strider Hien

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    A rouge Strider from Strider 2 that appeared as a boss. He wields a ranged Cypher that returns to him when thrown.

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    Strider Hien was an A-Rank Strider and comrade of the legendary Strider Hiryu. Over time Hien grew jealous of Hiryu's success and fame, and for revenge, started hunting down Striders. In the time of the events of Strider 2, Hien has eliminated all Striders but one, Hiryu. Hien then leads Light Sword Cypher, a group dedicated to the resurrection of Grandmaster Meio, the "creator of everything in the world" and the foe that the Striders had vanquished to save the world. Hiryu finds Hien at the ruins of El Dorado, who finally resurrects Grandmaster Meio. Before each boss fight, Hien will converse with Hiryu, giving him the option of joining Grandmaster Meio, which Hiryu refuses each time and swears to destroy Grandmaster Meio once and for all. Hiryu and Hien meet for the last time on Third Moon, and it is unknown if Hien survived the encounter. 
    After completing the game, Strider Hien becomes a playable character, making Hien the first playable character in a canon Strider game other than Hiryu (but third overall since Hinjo in the non-Capcom, non-Canon Strider Returns). The storyline for Hien is identical, right down to the boss fights against Hien. Hien has an uinique rapid-slash move, the ability to combine cyphers together and throw them like a boomerang, and a ceiling-scaling ability in addition to wall-scaling ability.
    Strider Hien appears again in the crossover game Namco X Capcom as a villain. Again he is a servant of Grandmaster Meio, along with Solo and Ton Pooh. Hien first fights the entire party before challenging Hiryu in a one on one duel on Third Moon. It is a recreation of the final fight between Hiryu and Hien in Strider 2, which Hiryu bests Hien.


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