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    Strider Returns

    Game » consists of 4 releases. Released May 12, 1992

    Sequel to Strider made by British developer U.S. Gold in 1990 under license from Capcom USA. Platforms include Sega Genesis, Game Gear and Master System.

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    Strider Returns: Journey from Darkness, known in Europe as Strider II, is a sequel to Capcom's Strider made by the British developer Tiertex for home computers popular in their territory. Tiertex were the developers of the first game's European home computer ports, and to meet demand for more Strider content would create their own sequel after modifying a different action game that was already in development. First released in 1990, close to the original's home computer release, Strider II was eventually ported to the Sega Genesis/Mega Drive and the Sega Master System in 1993 where it received the new name Strider Returns for the North American version.

    Strider Returns sees a new hero, Strider Hinjo, attempt to rescue the Queen of Magenta, Lexia, from a resurrected Grandmaster. Capcom later deemed the game to be non-canonical and released their own Strider II in 1999 for PlayStation, featuring a whole new story.

    Critical Reception

    When the Genesis version was released in 1993 Electronic Gaming Monthly issued the following review scores, 8,6,6 and 7. Ed Semrad, who issued the highest score wrote, "...seems to be a longer game [than the first], and the music is above average. A lot of voice is also used. The main problem facing this cart is the fact that the animation is choppy. It seems a lot of the frames are just ported over from the original, and pieced together sloppily".

    The review of the Game Gear version from Electronic Gaming Monthly compared the game mostly to the Genesis version and was given scores of 7,7,7 and 7. Donyon Carpenter's comments typify the general mood of the reviewers, "...very playable and offers some great looking and very involving levels... The screen is very blurry at times because the game moves so fast, but I've seen worse".


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